3 Ways to Become an Instagram Motorcyclist


Instagram was practically built for the motorcycle lifestyle. Amazing trips, essential tips and advice, brand new rides, creative detailing, and road-ready outfits are all shared on this popular social media app. Many types of bikers share their life on Instagram, and they amass followers in the thousand, most of whom don’t even have a motorcycle! So, now is the time to share your pictures and videos with the world as well! So what should you do to get your motorcycle on Instagram?

First, You Need a Great Outfit

Don’t you dare post a photo of yourself on Instagram wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. I’m pretty sure they’ll kick you off. You’re an Instagram motorcyclist now, and you need to look the part. Why did you start an Instagram account? To share your passion and love of motorcycling with the world? Not in that outfit! You need gloves, you need pants, you need vests and sunglasses, and a bandana that will keep your followers impressed and in awe of your fashion sense. And once you post a photo of your first outfit, you can’t use it again for about a month.

So you’re going to need a lot of new clothes. If you can’t go shopping for a brand new wardrobe now, you should at least get yourself some motorcycle racing pants. And don’t forget the pair it with a leather biker vest. Tell the whole world how you don’t care about sleeves anymore because you can feel the wind on your arms. Your followers will eat that no-cares or worries attitude right up!


Get Yourself the Type of Motorcycle That’ll Earn You Some Serious Likes

If you already have a motorcycle, it had better be shiny and flashy because the Instagram world wasn’t built on practicality and being responsible. It was built on grand adventures, award-winning outfits, and photoshopped images of women’s butts. There’s no way you can get thousands of likes with an everyday motorcycle. So be ready to kiss it goodbye!

Now you have to sell it and buy something that’s showstopping! What about the new Deus Grievous Angel? This black and chrome wonder will make even the wimpiest nerd look like an underground hacker with a dark backstory. What a little color on your metal? Then the Ducati Streetfighter S should do the trick. Even the word Ducati is enough to spark the average person’s interest. So start shopping for a new motorcycle immediately!

A beautiful motorcycle should never be touched with disgusting old handwear. The moment you order your new ride, you should also buy yourself a pair of mens black leather gloves. Soft and supple, your gloves will keep your hands protected on short and long journeys.


Third. Promote yourself… a lot!

Everyone on Instagram has the attention span of a goldfish. The endless scrolling feature is excellent to put brand new content in front of the viewer’s eyes but terrible for the human attention span. To keep your followers engaged, you need to post pictures often. Expect to post at least three to five photos a day. Yep, that’s right. You need many pictures to up your internet popularity. You’re going to have to ride a lot more to take this many unique and creative photos. You’ll probably ride so much you’re going to get sick of it.

Leather is always appealing to the eye, so have at least ten photos a month featuring your mens leather biker pants. You’ll get great compliments and you can piss off vegans who despise leather. You can’t be any more of a biker than that!


TIP! If you take a photo that you have already posted, place a filter on it, and wait for three to four weeks, you can use the same picture again. Just put a creative hashtag on it. Something creative like #tbt or #memories or #imrunningoutofideas should do the trick.

These are just a few steps to become an Instagram biker. You’ll be so happy you chose to put yourself on social media you’ll completely forget that everyone is watching your life and what you do! Oh well, you haven’t lost your privacy because the government’s already doing that anyway!

Remember what we said in the beginning? You need great clothes if you want to get a lot of followers. But you need clothes so you can be safe on the road and while you’re taking pictures on your moving vehicle. So head over to www.wickedstock.com to get clothes that are fashionable and keep your organs inside your body in the event of a crash.

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