3 Ways to Protect You and Your Motorcycle

3 Ways to Protect You and Your Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle can allow you to experience a new side of life. You can spend all day in your car fighting traffic on the freeway and sitting down at work listening to your boss and their overzealous demands while dodging your gossipy coworkers. But when you interact with your motorcycle, it’s like you enter into a new world where none of that matters. The moment you sit on your motorcycle and turn on the engine, you will feel that the whole world is out there for you to discover it. You can go anywhere, and all that you need is a toothbrush, some gas in your motorcycle, and some great tunes. But if you are not smart, all of these wonderful fantasies and feelings can end in the blink of an eye. Your luck could change faster than taking off a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. No matter where you are, what vehicle you’re using, or how long you’ve been on the road, it is crucial to keep your wits about you and look for signs of danger to avoid it. So here’s what you must look for when you’re on the street.

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1. Don’t Ignore Any Changes to Your Motorcycle

When you’re on the road, your motorcycle will be your mode of transportation, your best friend, and your escape from the 9 to 5 life. But if you ignore any sudden changes, like noises or shaking, that were not there before because you want to get to your next destination, you could end up ruining your motorcycle altogether. No matter how much you want to get to your next destination or how much, you don’t want to spend money, always stop and check on your motorcycle if you notice something is different or wrong. It could be a problem that, if caught in time, costs you less than $100 to fix. But waiting too long could end up costing you $500 or more to repair your bike.

2. Don’t Leave Your Motorcycle in a Place Where You Would Not Leave Your Pet

If you are in a small town or just arrived at a massive Walmart, finding a parking spot is no big deal. But if you’re searching for a place to park in the middle of downtown Quebec or Chicago, you might as well park at your hotel and take the bus. Finding a parking spot accessible and free is one of the most challenging things in a medium or big city. So do not leave your bike in a sketchy area. Pay for parking if you have to, but don’t park behind a building or underneath a ramp because you will never see your motorcycle again.

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3. Beware Of Road Rage – Yours and Someone Else’s

If ignoring any motorcycle issues is the first thing you should watch out for, then the second thing we should wear also pertains to yourself. Many drivers of both motorcycles and vehicles make the mistake of giving into road rage. Rage can make a person do terrible and foolish things that they would never do if they were thinking clearly. When you sit on your motorcycle, leave your ego behind, and don’t try to engage anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road next to someone who is angry and wearing an American eagle men’s jacket. Any person who is next to a road rager would feel their wrath. It is not personal at all. If you have to, drive off the freeway and get back on a few minutes later to calm down or two get away from someone who is taking out their road rage on you. You’ll be much happier, peaceful, and safer if you do. Do you still think riding a Motorcycle is More Dangerous than Driving a Car?

These are just some of the dangerous things you need to watch out for while riding on your motorcycle. But another danger you must watch out for is the danger of not being properly protected while you’re moving at 70 miles an hour. Whether it’s men’s leather biker pants or motorcycle riding jackets, you need to wear something that protects you. What can you get high-quality motorcycle gear at a great price? Just go to www.wickedstock.com to find everything you need for a low price!

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