4 Dating Missteps Motorcycle Riders Should Never Do


No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, dating isn’t easy. But there are a few other situations that a motorcycle rider might encounter. These situations are the same as any other person’s encounters while dating, but people who ride instead of drive have different outlooks on the situation. Why would you choose to maneuver a symbol of freedom and Independence if you willingly think the same way as others do?

Act like You are the Prize

Having healthy self-esteem is essential. If you believe in your mind and have a healthy amount of confidence in your abilities, then the way you view yourself will translate the other people in the dating world.

You’re far more likely to get others to want to be with you if you value yourself.

But no one desires to make out with someone who enjoys patting themselves on the back. No one likes a doormat, and on the opposite end, no one likes a self-important person.

You probably are a cool person anyway, just remember that this is a big wide world you live in and no one is better than anyone.

But we understand if some of the clothes you wear make you feel confident. And nothing is more confident than wearing a leather biker vest. Pair it with a couple of leather motorcycle gloves, and there is no way you can stay humble!

leather motorcycle jackets

Never Take a Chance

Familiarity is stability. Nothing wrong with having a routine or doing things a certain way, but sometimes staying in your comfort zone can become a crutch.

When you purchase a motorcycle, there is a certain outlook on life that you must embody. And that spirit does not vibe with conformity or routine.

The last thing you want to do is be a plain average person who rides a really cool motorcycle. And the person you’re trying to attract will be underwhelmed by your daily life and common attitude and goals.

So whatever you have been hesitant to try, we suggest you go out and do them.


Pin for Someone’s Love

Love and want are extremely difficult to express, especially since these emotions are about another person. Reject is a bitter pill, so many do not tell our feelings to the one we care for.

But if we never confess and just keep it in, we never take a chance to be happy. Also, we end up resenting anyone our object of affection ends up with because they are not with us. But we cannot blame but ourselves if we never take the lead.

As motorcycle riders, we have a duty not only to ourselves but our motorcycles and to romantics everywhere.

So we must be strong, swallow our weakness, and confess our feelings to the one that we care for.

If we confess, either we can realize our dream of being with a person we want, or, if it does not work out, we are free to pursue other avenues and finally have the answer to the ultimate question “what if?”

So be true to yourself and take charge of your love life.

When you confess your love, you want to look good. So purchase a pair of leather motorcycle pants, and you might just look like a bad boy that gets all the girls. Or you can wear a men’s leather motorcycle jackets because everyone looks good in a leather jacket.

Leave Your Profile Blank

Nothing’s worse than a blank profile page. Anyone who sees your picture and is interested in your looks cannot see your personality and what you like.

Although physical attraction is high on many people’s list of features they want in a partner, it isn’t the only feature. If you don’t fill out your profile and talk about yourself and your interests, you may attract the wrong people who don’t care about you as a person.

This profile rule is more general than it is about motorcycles and their riders, but it’s just common sense that many people forget.

When you show up to your date, you need to ride in style and be fashionably dressed to make a good impression. So if you need new threads that will wow your dates, go to www.wickedstock.com to find clothes that will flatter your figure and protect you on the road.

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