4 Lies Motorcyclists Tell Themselves

4 Lies Motorcyclists Tell Themselves

Everyone lies to themselves once in a while. It is just our way of handling the issues and problems of the day. Some of these are white lies that don’t hurt anyone.

For example, if someone is too tired to get gas after a long day at work, they will tell themselves that they can get gas in the morning and won’t have to skip breakfast.

But they know that the gas station closest to their home is always jam-packed with people, so they’ll have to wait 20 minutes or more to get gas. This means that they will have to skip breakfast.

In this case, the person telling himself is lying to himself. But they don’t believe the lie. They are just too tired to do anything else for the day, so they have to tell themselves a white lie to get a good night’s sleep.


Now, this lie won’t hurt anyone. It may make them late if they don’t skip breakfast, but that’s all.

Motorcyclists tell themselves little white Lies too.

Unfortunately, if a motorcyclist tells themself the wrong lie, they could end up in a world of trouble. So here are some little white lies that a motorcycle should never tell themselves—only the truth matters in these situations.

1.  A helmet is a helmet. I don’t need to buy an expensive one. Any helmet will do

I know that helmets are expensive, especially the high-quality ones. But do you know what’s more expensive? Cranial surgery or brain surgery. A single 8 hours of operation, without anesthesia, can cost $300,000 and more. And you’re going to want the anesthesia.

If you do not buy a good quality helmet that you would trust with your grandma’s life, then you shouldn’t be buying that helmet at all. When people buy motorcycles, they believe that the costs start and stop with the bike and the gas.

But gear is an important component of motorcycle riding. If you don’t want to dedicate the money to purchase high-quality motorcycle gear, then don’t buy the motorcycle. Don’t rely on your motorcycle racing pants or your motorcycle jackets with armor to protect you. All motorcycle riders need a full suite of gear to properly protect themselves.

2.  Maybe it won’t rain

Everyone, driver and pedestrians, tells themself these lies. It’s just that we don’t want the rain to ruin our schedule for the day. But if it looks like it will rain, assume that it will and wear your motorcycle rain gear. Your day will go much smoother than if you weren’t wearing your motorcycle rain suit and you are caught in a downpour.

3.  That’s a new noise, but it’ll fix itself

Unless you are an auto mechanic student, no one likes to hear a new noise from their vehicle that they have never heard before. If you hear a high-pitched screeching or the noise of something scraping on metal, do not pretend like it will sort itself out. Your day will be interrupted as you have to take your motorcycle to the shop, but it’s better than breaking down on the freeway.

4.  I can handle my alcohol well, so it is fine for me to drive home

I don’t care how you have been riding; alcohol and motorcycles should never mix. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you can also injure or kill anyone inside or outside of the car. If you want to go out drinking, then organize a carpool or just take public transportation. Just think of it this way: if you drink and drive, you are far more likely to destroy your motorcycle, and it will take thousands of dollars to repair or replace it. And if you are not wearing a good helmet, you could end up in the hospital for months. Do you know the Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in a Developing Country?

It is so important to wear high-quality gear that protects you from your and other’s mistakes. But we understand that additional costs are not something that the average person can factor into their budget and lives. So, where can you get great gear at affordable prices? You can get that Wickedstock.com. Check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to see all of their latest products on fashion. And the great thing about Wicked stock.com is that they have many sales throughout the year, so their low prices get even lower!

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