4 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying an Old Motorcycle


Buying an old motorcycle feels like buying a piece of history. Behind its gears and paint lies dozens of stories from the past few decades. Many motorcycle enthusiasts look forward to the day they can find a vintage motorcycle in their price range. However, a buyer must watch out for a couple of red flags that come with purchasing a historical relic on wheels. We’ll talk about the four major issues that come up when buying an old motorcycle.

Specialty Parts That Are Hard To Find

No matter how skilled a motorcycle mechanic is, they can’t do their job if they can’t find the right part. You need to know that the older a motorcycle is, the harder it will be to find a suitable replacement part. Some owners must call their motorcycles’ manufacturers directly and ask if they still have any parts left over from decades ago.

Take a week to do proper research on which old motorcycle brands and models still have replacement parts in rotation. Having this information makes it simpler for you to know which motorcycle brand you should be looking out for on the market. While you are researching, you can also use this time to wear your men’s leather biker pants. Stretch them out so your pants will be ready when you find the perfect motorcycle.


Motorcycles That Weren’t Cared For

Many amazing motorcycles from decades before could still have existed now if it wasn’t for carelessness. The most expensive, well-made motorcycles created by Peugeot Motorcycles won’t function properly if no one takes care of them. If you can, ask the seller if you can take the motorcycle you’re looking to buy into the shop for proper assessment. If they say no, then you’ll know that it’s not in good working condition, and the seller is trying to lie to you. Don’t be fooled by their looks either. The seller might look like an experienced motorcyclist. They might be wearing a leather biker vest. But you must do your research before buying an old ride. Your wallet and your insurance premiums will thank you for it.

Note: just because you can’t see any damage on the surface doesn’t mean there are no problems. The engine could be rusted over internally, or the steering might be extraordinarily stiff and uncooperative when making turns. Always assume that an old motorcycle has problems in the past and ask for its maintenance history.


No Knowledgeable Mechanics That Can Repair Old Motorcycles

As many old mechanics retire, the knowledge they have about older motorcycle care also retires with them. Younger mechanics aren’t trained in this knowledge because the motorcycles of today are now computerized and made with a different metal. So, before you purchase that motorcycle that you have been looking at on Craigslist, first find a mechanic that knows how to repair one first.

All motorcycles need maintenance sooner or later, so knowing that you have a mechanic that you can trust with your old ride will take a lot of stress out of your future. And when you are riding to the shop so your motorcycle can get service, make sure to wear a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. Gloves like these make controlling the steering easier to manage and won’t have to continuously rub your skin on the handlebars.


Too Many Miles

Even the well-kept motorcycle eventually must fall to the effects of wear and tear. There are only so many times a part can be replaced before your two-wheeled adventure vehicle must be laid to rest. The mileage that will make you start worrying about performance is around 50,000 miles. After a motorcycle passes this number, you need to demand a recent checkup by a motorcycle shop from the seller.

If they cannot produce one, then you know it has not been adequately cared for. If you knowingly purchase one that has a lot of miles on it, then you wear extra protection when you ride. Consider buying some motorcycle protective jackets. Inside the jacket, there is extra padding to provide your body with additional protection if you fall off on the freeway.

If you took our advice and found an old motorcycle that passes all of these red flags, then Congratulations! We’re happy for you! Now come to Wickedstock.com and buy some fabulous clothes so you can ride in style!

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