5 Great Motorcycle Facts You Need To Know!


To truly become invested in the motorcycle lifestyle, it’s long enough to look the part and have a sweet ride. You must also have a good level of knowledge about motorcycles and the entire motorcycle industry. But there’s so much that you can read and learn about, that it may feel overwhelming even to begin. So we have done a bit of research for you, so you can get started on learning about this amazing industry and all that it encompasses. Here are 14 great motorcycle facts that every motorcyclist hat should know!

1. If You’re A Woman, Be Aware Of Danger!

It may shock you when we tell you that most women in motorcycle crashes are the passenger, not the driver. Not only that, but it is also women who died 92% of the time as a passenger! When a man dies from a motorcycle crash, he is usually the driver. It may be because more men are motorcycle drivers than women, and boyfriends and husbands usually take their wives or girlfriends on the motorcycle.


2. Stunt Double Break Records

In the movie The Great Escape, the actor Steve McQueen has a character that must perform a 65-foot jump on a motorcycle. While the character successfully does this in the movie, McQueen is not being filmed during this daring stunt. The credit for the 65-foot drop should go to Bud Ekins, McQueen’s stand-in rider and stunt double. Not only did he perform the jump without injuries, but he was also able to do it on the first take.

You may not want to jump high in the air, but looking like a professional stunt-double well is guaranteed to make heads turn. If you want to get that cool motorcycle style, you should purchase either a leather motorcycle jacket or a men’s leather moto jacket.

3. Saving Space in the City

While finding a parking spot is terrible in overcrowded cities, if everyone rode a motorcycle, there would be room for even more bikes then there are cars right now. The average parking space can hold up to eight motorcycles, but they can only take one car! So any parking lots with 100 parking spots, you’re able to 800 motorcycles! Talk about saving a lot of space!


4. Safety as a Side Note

Wearing a helmet is so important that it is almost unfathomable that some writers choose not to use them. Transportation safety experts claim that by wearing a helmet, the average motorcycle rider will prevent head-related fatalities by more than ⅓. But what you should know is that not every state in the U.S requires helmets to be worn while riding. The states that do not have a law that mandates wearing a helmet are Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire.

While you’re riding through the many different climates that this country has to offer, you should keep your hand well insulated and protected. Purchase for yourself a pair of motorcycle riding gloves so you’ll be protected from the heat and the wind. You should also buy for yourself a pair of waterproof motorcycle pants if there’s a chance you will be riding through a storm.


5. Riding Around the World

There’s nothing more independent or freeing than taking a long trip on a motorcycle, and Emelio Scotto did just that for ten years. He earned himself a Guinness world record for the longest motorcycle ride ever. He traveled for ten years and traveled to over 270 countries. After he was done riding, he published a book about his travels, titled, “My 10 Year 500,000mi Motorcycle Journey.”

Well, those were five great facts to help you start your journey into the world of motorcycles and motorcycle history. If you want to learn more or would like to buy a book about a specific subject, you can go to www.wickedstock.com to see everything they have to offer.

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