6 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Trip More Comfortable

6 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Trip More Comfortable

If you are like me, then you’re looking forward to riding your motorcycle down the freeway during the beautiful hot summer. Summertime is always the best time to embark on a long-distance motorcycle trip.

Depending on the type of person you are, you may want to travel by yourself, with one close friend, or with a group of people, you met that day. Motorcycle trips are the best way to see the world around you without having to hassle planes or trains or buses or renting a car.

But there are a few downsides to traveling on a long-distance trip. Trips that last longer than a week can be boring and traveling for several days at a time can leave you cramped and stiff.


So, we’ve done some digging and we’ve asked around and we have found 6 different ways to improve a motorcycle rider’s long-distance traveling experience.

1.    Schedule Breaks

The first way to improve the road motorcycle riding experience is to schedule frequent breaks. No matter how excited you feel or how much you want to get to your next destination, scheduling frequent breaks can lessen spinal pain and muscle aches. If you’re someone who has arthritis, then you probably already schedule breaks whenever you drive your motorcycle.

2.    Activate GPS

Our second is to power up your GPS devices and your phone whenever you have a chance. The last thing you want to happen on a road trip is to become lost in the middle of nowhere and pull up your GPS device only to find discover that it is dead.

3.    Find your Riding Partner

Our third tip is to ride with someone who has similar habits and tastes to you. If you’re someone who can handle three-plus hours on a motorcycle, you might be frustrated with your friend who can only handle an hour at a time. If you travel with someone who is like you, then there will be fewer traveling issues. 


4.    Stay Hydrated

The fourth tip we learned is to stay hydrated. Riding on the back of a motorcycle may not make you sweat, but constant exposure to the elements, like the heat of the sun, can quickly dehydrate a rider.

5.    Explore Freeways

The fifth tip is to familiarize yourself with smaller side roadways and dirt paths. If there is an emergency, all the major freeways and highways will be blocked by people who are using their GPS systems. But if you know your way around back roads on larger streets, then you can navigate yourself away from danger and not get stuck in traffic.

6.    Gear Up

And last but not least, the 6th rule to improve your motorcycle riding is to cover up from head to toe. No matter what time of the day you are writing, if it is not nighttime then you should be covered from head to toe in motorcycle gear.

The sun can burn human skin in less than 20 minutes. So, you have to have your full motorcycle outfit on to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. When you’re on the road and the sun is out, you should wear a pair of motorcycle racing pants, and a motorcycle protective jacket. You also need to protect your hands as well with a great pair of leather motorcycle gloves. Hot Weather Can Be Hazardous, Checkout the Best Motorcycle Gear for Extreme Heat.

I hope these 6 tips can make your long-distance motorcycle riding experience simpler. The last thing you want to experience on a long-distance motorcycle trip is a bad back and burnt skin.

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