A Fast and Simple Guide to Buying a Used Motorcycle


Since Millennials were born, their parents have told them that buying a vehicle directly off the lot is a waste of money. It is commonly known that 10% of a vehicle’s value immediately drops when you drive it off of the dealership lot. So the best route to get more value for your money is to buy a used motorcycle. But what do you need to know to prevent yourself from being scammers or purchasing a dud? Here’s a fast and simple guide on how to buy a used motorcycle that will last and prevent you from being scammed.

Take the tools you need

When you meet a seller to inspect that a motorcycle that you’re interested in, you cannot go empty-handed. There are a few tools you need to properly check the motorcycle. With these tools, you can be sure you’re purchasing a vehicle that is in good condition, and the seller is not lying to you.

Here are a few items you need to take with you:

  • Flashlight – to see the small spaces
  • Magnifying glass – to check for wear and tear
  • Psi meter – to check tires
  • Paper towels – to check the oil

With these instruments at your disposal, you can check for rust damage, if the exhaust is in good shape, the wear on the tire’s treads, as well as the air pressure within the tires, and how the engine has been cared for over the years.


The buddy system

If you’re searching for a motorcycle on Craigslist or another word of mouth Place, always take someone who knows a lot about motorcycles with you when you go meet the seller. You should never buy an order cycle without inspecting it. When you take your motorcycle expert friend, you will not fall for any lies that the seller might tell you. Your friend can also tell you if you’re getting the motorcycle for a good price or if it has a lot of wear and tear, and the price should be lower.

To thank your friend for taking time out of their schedule and helping you, buy them a pair of mens black leather gloves. And you can also buy yourself a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. So when you and your friend travel together on your motorcycle, the handlebars will be easier to maneuver, and your friend won’t have to wear their old, worn-out gloves anymore.

The accident report

Every time a car or motorcycle gets into an accident, those involved in the accident has to file a report with the police. So when the motorcycle you are interested in has been in an accident, the police will have a record of it. When you meet with the seller asking for the accident report. If the owner says there is no accident report, then you can verify his claim for yourself by searching for its accident report online.


The most dangerous type of weather for motorcyclists to drive in is the rain. Rain, especially on its first day, lifts the dirt and oil up from the street. When this happens, it makes the street slippery and hazardous. When you drive in the rain, wear rain pants with side zippers. Your legs and thighs will stay dry, and so will your phone. If you need more protection than that, consider purchasing an entire motorcycle rain suit. You will look a little funny, but at least you won’t catch a cold!

No matter what type of motorcycle you buy, new or used, there’s always room for another one on the road! But before you get on the highway to go out to an Adventure, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes. Head over to www.wickedstock.com to find great deals on all types of different motorcycle gear. With all the money you saved by purchasing a used motorcycle, you can buy yourself amazing gear that will protect you from harm!

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