A Few Loose Guidelines for a Motorcycle Tour

A Few Loose Guidelines for a Motorcycle Tour

Going on tour and exploring the world is one of the most exciting activities a rider can do when they own a motorcycle.  Many office workers, doctors, garbage workers, cashiers, and managers who work in their store’s dusty backroom have all fantasized at least one time in their life about taking a great motorcycle road trip. But for those of us who own a motorcycle, their fantasies are our realities.

Road trips are an integral part of motorcycle life. Many riders are excited to plan their first trip and they usually start planning the day they purchase their first motorcycle. When planning their first motorcycle road trip, every rider needs to know a few basic guidelines. Following these points will make any road trip safer, more fun, and will enable you to travel farther. You might be interested to know about the Top 5 Perfect Motorcycle Vacations before you plan your road trip.


1.    Create a road trip guide, but don’t follow it exactly

Creating a guide for your road trip is a good way to plan out your trip, schedule food and rest stops, and keep you on schedule to reach your next destination. The guide you create for your road trip should have rest stop locations, eatery locations, several small detours, and alternate routes to get to your next destination if your main road is closed. But once you make the schedule, remember that you do not have to follow the guide to the T.  It is okay to get off the main road and see the sights. Owning a motorcycle is all about adventures, and you can’t have an adventure when you have to follow a strict schedule. Well maybe you can, but it won’t be as fun as letting loose and seeing where the road takes you.

2.    If going out drinking, leave your motorcycle at home

During a road trip, there is a special stop where you and your buddies can go drinking and stay out until 4 AM. Usually, this happens around the halfway point when everyone is tired from riding all day. Drinking stops are especially common if the riders have been traveling for over a week. Before you all gather together at your motel and decide where to go drinking, everyone should know that they are not going to bring their motorcycle. Drunk driving is no joke and getting a DUI is even less funny. Nothing will ruin a trip faster than getting a DUI. So, install the Uber app and add in your info, or hail a taxi and have them drive you and your drunk friends back home. But whatever you do, don’t take off on your motorcycle when you’ve had 6 tequila shots.

3.    Don’t ignore oil dripping from the bottom of your bike.

Nobody likes spending money that they did not plan on spending when they are on a trip. They dislike it even more if they have to spend that money on maintenance for their vehicle. But ignoring dripping fluid coming from the bottom of your motorcycle could have disastrous consequences. Also, investigate any new noises that appear suddenly. It may be nothing. But it also could be something that destroys the motorcycle engine and causes you to crash when you’re going 80 miles down the freeway.


4.    Buy high-quality gear for bodily protection in the event of accidents

Before even thinking of planning a motorcycle tour, every new rider should have the gear they need to protect themselves when out riding on a motorcycle. If you’re not sure what type of motorcycle gear to buy, there are four pieces of gear that every motorcycle rider should have hanging in their closet.  These pieces are a leather motorcycle jacket, motorcycle riding gloves, leather motorcycle pants, and a motorcycle rain suit. 

Owning these two items will protect you from the most dangerous situations when you’re out on the road. and all of these items should be purchased from an actual motorcycle shop. Do not try to look for this gear at Target or Walmart.

If you don’t have any of this gear mentioned above or the gear you have is getting old, then it’s time for you to go shopping at Wickedstock.com. A motorcycle gear shop for over 15 years, this website has all the latest high-quality fashion that won’t break your bank.

So, head over to Wickedstock.com or their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to see what item would look best on you!

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