An Adventure Motorcycle under 500ccs Will Serve You Well


You may have grown up with the big touring motorcycle in your life. The” road warrior” life is something you know. Your tastes have changed; you want to ride the “Off-Road World” and do it on a motorcycle with 500 or less cc displacement.

Off-roading is what it is, riding a motorcycle off the beaten path, usually on unpaved roads, in some cases, no road at all. The smaller, lighter, more comfortable to maneuver dual-sport motorcycle is what the doctor ordered. Before you buy one, you should know more about what are different types of motorcycles based on the usage? While you are at it, do not hesitate to get Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket to go along with the dual-sport motorcycle of your choice.

Some Bikes to Ponder

Suzuki DR Z400


A great adventure motorcycle that comes with these features to consider when making your choice.

  • Displacement 398cc. It has enough power and is light enough to pick up if necessary.

  • 145kg in weight (319lbs). Light enough to lift back to its wheels.

  • Fuel Tank 10 Liters (2.6 Gallons). A possible concern about distance, after market larger tanks available.

  • Transmission: 5-speed. Plenty of gears to get you out of trouble when needed.

  • 39 Horsepower. Plenty of power for any off-road terrain.

  • Something Suzuki held onto, could be a plus depending on preference.

  • 260mm Ground Clearance (10 inches). Room enough to jump over those obstacles in the way.

  • Seat 890mm Heigh (35 inches). Not too tall for the shorter rider.

The DR Z400 is the motorcycle of choice for the Australian army.

Kawasaki Versys-X 300


Another great choice to consider, as it is one of the safer adventure rides.

  • Engine Displacement: 296cc. Plenty of power to off-roading helps reduce weight for easier stand-ups.

  • Fuel tank: 17 liters (4.49 gallons). Makes for long riding times between fuel-ups.

  • Horsepower 39.3. Enough power to climb any hill and traverse any terrain.

  • Transmission: 6. Speed. More gears when extra oomph is needed.

  • Fuel-injected. Excellent fuel economy.

  • 180mm Ground Clearance: (7.08 inches). Won’t be jumping logs, but it will handle any off-road terrain.

  • Seat Height: 815mm (32.08 inches). Short seated enough for feet to reach the ground for that in control feeling.

  • Weight: 386lbs (176kgs). *Without ABS. Lightweight enough for a solo rider to put back on its wheels.

The seat is low enough to accommodate medium or small-bodied riders. Mounted on this motorcycle, you can compete for the title of “smart-looking adventurer” while wearing Mens Textile Motorcycle Jacket.

Honda CB500X


This is the last suggested motorcycle for that off-road adventurer looking for a great ride. This bike was introduced in 2013 by Honda, and here are the features to consider for that first adventure motorcycle.

  • Engine Displacement: 471cc. A little more substantial in displacement, still small enough to handle well.

  • Weight: 196kg (432lbs). You can get this bike on its wheels without a lot of strain.

  • Fuel capacity 17.5 liters (4.9 gallons). Not a lot of worries when considering distance.

  • 6 Gear transmission. Enough gears to make off-roading an art form.

  • Fuel injection system. Up to date technology, no worries about carburetors malfunctioning.

  • 49 Horses. Get you up that hill without groaning.

  • Clears the ground at 170mm (6.69 inches). You won’t get hung up on too many things.

  • The seat is at 810mm (31.88 inches). You won’t be stretching to hit solid ground.

You’re cut from a different mold, you long to get off the beaten path kicking up dust with the knobby tires on your dual-sport adventure bike.

Don’t Go Broke Chasing Your Dream

You do not want to go too far in debt when purchasing the right bike for your off-road adventure. Adventure bikes run between $11,000 on the high end new to under $5,000 on the low end used. It might be better to get a used bike for your first off-road adventure, just in case you don’t like it. Adventure motorcycling is not something everyone wants to do.

Many used motorcycles are very reliable, and they do not set you back a year’s salary to purchase. You still want to have enough dough leftover to get Men Motorcycle Leather Pants. As you make up your mind about the dual-sport bike you want to buy, go to Wicked Stock, check all the accessories that are available for off-roading.

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