Are You A Tall Rider? Check Out The Next Time You Go Jacket Shopping

Are You A Tall Rider- Check Out The Next Time You Go

This world wasn’t built for tall people. Ironically, it wasn’t built for short people either. The average height of a man is 5ft 8-9in while the average height for a woman is 5ft 2-3in. So unless a person is in the very middle of the average height, something tells me that everyone who does not conform to the standard height has a very difficult time looking for jackets that look amazing and also fit their body without being too small or too large. Buying clothes can be a pain, but shopping becomes especially hurtful when you find an article of clothing you instantly fall in love with, only to try it on and realize that it is far too small for you!!

Every cool article of clothing I’ve ever found is far too big on me since I’m a very short person. But I know a few tall motorcycle riders and their biggest pet peeve is finding a great men’s leather motorcycle jacket, only to slip it on and realize that the end of the sleeve is near their elbow! And they have the same issue with their pants! Tall people will put on a great pair of mens leather biker pants and the bottom of the pant leg stops around their knee!

When tall people go shopping for a jacket, they have to try on every jacket to ensure they don’t look like they’re wearing a mini jacket costume as if they are to perform on stage like a Michael Jackson impersonator.


If It’s difficult for you, a tall person, to find a great jacket, here are some features and details to look for on your next jacket shopping trip.

Length versus width

A jacket not designed for tall people could have serious length issues. The sleeves can be too short. Or there is not enough material around the chest for the zipper to close. Another issue could be that the rim of the jacket barely passes a tall person’s belly button.


When a tall person needs a good brown leather motorcycle jacket, they have to watch for how the material gathers around the shoulders. The jacket should not squeeze the shoulders. The material should rest on the top of the shoulder.

Skinny vs. Thick

A tall person can have broad shoulders and a thick middle, but what if their arms are too thick for the jacket sleeves? When trying out a motorcycle protective jacket, move your elbows and raise your hands above your head. Then raise your arms horizontally so you spread out your full arm span. If the jacket tugs and restricts your movement, it is not the right size.


Be sure to purchase your motorcycle jacket before you get back on your motorcycle. Not only will a well-made armored motorcycle jacket keep you safe from the elements and the UV rays of the sun, but it will also protect you in the event of a crash. Looking up motorcycle crashes is gruesome. But if you ever do, you will see that quite a large number of crashes become especially terrible because the rider of the motorcycle didn’t have the appropriate gear. Therefore, you must realize that How Purchasing Fake Gear Can Ruin Your Motorcycle Riding Experience?

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