Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits


Correcting Bad Habits is an Ongoing Process

Riding a motorcycle requires honing some skills to near perfection, being average is not acceptable. Being average means, you may have developed some bad habits that could get you into serious trouble. Let’s take a look at some bad habits you may have developed by thinking you are a better rider than you are. We’ll also look at what you can do to improve your riding habits for the better.

Thinking You Ride Better Than You Do 

Experience does not an expert make. Experienced riders aren’t usually subjected to close calls as they employ safe riding tactics on every ride. With experience comes the knowledge that the 4wheeler driver does not always see the motorcycle, as in, “I looked, but I didn’t see him.”

These riders utilize dynamic lane positioning, are always aware of their surroundings, and hardly ever drive faster than conditions will allow. Operating a motorcycle is a skill that you never stop learning.

Safe, conscientious riders usually take refresher courses to perfect their riding skills further. Once a rider develops bad habits, the good ones are lost as one regularly uses bad habits instead.

The take-a-way here is ride within your skills gets extra training to better them. Another good habit is to wear your armored Motorcycle Men Textile Jacket with the reflective tape to add to your visibility.

Speed Limits: Not Just For 4Wheelers

Not going to bore you with stats, the saying is true, “Speed Kills.” Not the drug “Speed,” but the act of driving faster than the posted speed limit. Mainly in residential areas where a car can back out of a driveway, you will take a nosedive over that said car.

speed-limitsChildren can spoil a good day by suddenly darting out into the street right in front of an on-coming car or motorcycle. Get into the habit of operating at the speed limit as the faster your speed, the longer the stopping distance.

Not to mention, you are sitting on top of a vehicle that does not surround you with a protective cage, ie. Sitting Duck Syndrome. The only protection you have is the protective gear you had the presence of mind to put on. Speeding is a bad habit to correct before it lands you in trouble. Did you ever read about the Motorcycling and Violence: Unraveling the Myth?

ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time)

You want to run to the store for a few things since it is only 4 miles away; you hop on your bike and take off. Will you make there and back safely? You probably get to the store and back safely. If you don’t have a safe run to the store, are you prepared for the after-effects?

Statistics show that most vehicle accidents occur within 25 miles of home. That’s why this rule should be a must every time you ride, “All the gear, all the time.” The one and only choice for a helmet should be the full-face helmet, enough said.

Wearing your Motorcycle Mens Textile Pants with armor plating in the right places is a good habit, keep it up. What choice do you actually have to protect yourself from injury than to wear your motorcycle protective clothing?

Right, answer, not at all. Short runs on a bike can be just as dangerous as long touring rides on highways with fast-moving traffic. Motorcycle best practice for any ride, “ATGATT.” Don’t forget to throw in your Motorcycle Mens Rain Jacket just in case the weather gets wet.

All the Gear, All the Time


No Gear. Sucks, Right?


Motorcycle Maintenance

No matter how new or old your bike don’t get into the bad habit of skipping a pre-ride safety inspection.

  • Tires and wheels inspected for wear and damage.

  • Control cables checked for fraying or any adjustments necessary that include hoses for cracks or cuts.

  • Lights checked for any burnt out bulbs, signals not working, headlights high and low beams functioning.

  • Check for gas or oil leaks if your bike is liquid-cooled check the coolant level and for leaks there.

  • Check the chassis, suspension, chains or belts, shocks, and make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight.

To further enlighten you here is a link to review the T-CLOCS method of bike inspection.

Pre-ride Inspection-Necessary



Bad habits can be corrected with a conscious effort on your part to get better at the skill of riding a motorcycle. The last thing anyone wants is to become an accident statistic because you did not correct your bad riding habits.

Not all the bad habits were addressed in this article, but you get the idea. Check out all the motorcycle gear and apparel on Wicked Stock. Check us out on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

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