Beauty, And Safety, Is Experienced Through The Eyes

beauty and safety is experienced through eyes

As a motorcyclist, your site is critical to your safety and the safety of those on your motorcycle and around you on the road. If you don’t have good vision, you should not be on a motorcycle.

The government does not allow people who have extremely poor eyesight to drive. If a person can drive with poor eyesight, it’s usually because they have glasses that correct their vision.

But if they are not wearing their glasses or contacts, the government will charge them with negligence if they are in an accident. They could lose their license or be forced to take and submit a new vision test.

Can A Motorcycle Crash Damage a Rider’s Eyesight?

When riders are in an accident, they usually injure their arms, legs, and torso. The helmet that we wear over our faces protects us from major head injuries. But slamming your head onto the asphalt is not good, even with a helmet on. Read more about the History of Motorcycle Helmets here.

How to Protect Your Body and Your Eyes from Terrible Crashes

There are three ways to protect your body and eyes from crashes.


Practice safe vision practices. If you can’t see well at night, then don’t ride your motorcycle at night. If you have to ride your motorcycle at night, only ride through busy and well-lit streets. Do not drive through dark roads or on nights when there is no moonlight.

Most people like to ride their motorcycles with their friends. But if you are uncomfortable riding in a certain situation because of your vision, don’t let them talk or beat you into riding. If you get into an accident, they will not be the ones experiencing pain and vision loss. Only your body will be affected.

Always wear your glasses. If you don’t like to wear your glasses when you are wearing your helmet, then it is time to invest in contacts.


Purchase and wear a helmet that has vision protection built inside the plastic. Crashes aren’t the only reason motorcyclists damage their vision. Traveling towards the sun for hours on end can aggravate and tire your eyes.

But you do have to wear your helmet. It shocked me when I learned that some motorcyclists do not wear a helmet when they ride. They believe the helmet decreases their line of sight and ruins their peripheral vision. This is a myth. If your helmet stunts your visions, your helmet is the wrong size for your head.

Always wear protective clothing when riding a motorcycle i.e. motorcycle protective jackets, andleather motorcycle gloves. No matter how far or close you are traveling, and actually can happen at any time. Statistics say that most accidents happen within 25 miles of a person’s home. So you are more likely to crash during your daily commute than when you are on vacation.


Do not travel anywhere without your protective clothing. When you ride, you should always have motorcycle jackets with armor andmen’s leather motorcycle pants.

Where Can You Buy High-Quality Clothes And Helmets That You Can Afford?

Looking for bargains on high-quality protective gear is mind-numbing. There are so many online and street stores and shops to scour, that it can easily fill up several afternoons of your time.

But makes it easy to find everything you need to stay cool and safe on the road. They have a massive selection of clothing and sizes.

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