Best Ways to Use Your Rain Gear

Best Ways to Use Your Rain Gear

Getting caught in the rain is not fun for anyone. Whether you are on foot and walking down the street or zipping down the highway in your mega truck or favorite motorcycle, rained soaked clothes are uncomfortable, and they put you at risk for colds and cases of flu if they stay on too long. To stay dry, every rider should own a few pieces of motorcycle rain gear so they don’t have to ruin their favorite motorcycle jackets with armor

Wearing rain gear can protect you from hypothermia and ruined clothing. Although not many motorcycle riders buy rain gear that is not because they don’t ride in the rain. Everyone who travels on the road experiences rainfall, but some only experience rain once or twice a year. If you don’t experience rain often, then it may not seem like a good investment. After all, why would you buy clothes that you’re only going to wear once or twice a year if even that? If this is how you feel, then please reconsider. It only takes one downpour to ruin your favorite mens black leather biker jacket.


If you live in an area heavy with rain throughout the year, you will be more likely to see more motorcycle riders wearing proper rain gear.

But wearing rain gear is just one way of protecting your clothes from the rain. There are a few other steps and tricks you can take to keep yourself warm and dry in the middle of a rainstorm.

driving in rain

Be prepared and monitor the weather

You may think this step way too obvious, but you will be surprised how many people don’t notice their surroundings until there is water pouring on their heads. Whenever you take your motorcycle out for a spin, check out the weather and see if it feels like it’s going to rain. It’s also a good idea to check the news for information about the weather. If it might rain, wear your motorcycle rain suit right when you start riding. If it starts to rain while you’re on the road, you won’t need to pull over and take out your jacket. If it does not rain, at least you’ll be warmer with an extra jacket on. Check out How to Choose Best Motorcycle Rain Gear.

Use your jacket straps. They are there for a reason!

The straps on your rain jacket keep you warm and keep the cold and the rain away from your body. When you’re done zipping up your jacket, make sure to adjust the straps wherever they are. Rain jackets with wrist straps should be adjusted comfortably but tight enough to prevent water from rolling down your arm. Straps along the hem of your jacket should be pulled tight to prevent the fabric from riding up and exposing your skin to the elements.

Cold rain is not your only problem!

We all know what to do when a cold thunderstorm douses us with water, but what about warm rain? The atmosphere becomes humid, and most people resist putting on jackets because they become too warm. So if you know you’re going to be in an area that experiences a lot of humid rain, buy a jacket with a lining. If the weather is too warm for both a jacket and a lining, remove the lining to be more comfortable.

No matter how you plan on tackling the rain while you’re on the back of your motorcycle, just be sure to wear the right gear and drive as calmly as possible. For some reason, people become absolute maniacs the moment a raindrop hits the ground. If you’re in the market for new gear that looks stylish and won’t overload your budget, head over to Everything is reasonably priced, and sales happen regularly, so you’ll save even more money. When you can, head over to their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page and check out their latest fashions and products! Even in the rain, you need to show everyone that you have Style!

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