Beware the Virus: Motorcycle Riding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Beware the Virus

The pandemic has been raging for the last year, and it almost feels like there was no end in sight. Luckily, there are now three or four different vaccines circulating across the globe, and the United States is doing its absolute best to make sure its citizens are all vaccinated by the fall. But just because there is a vaccine out does not mean that the public can forget about safety measures and precautions and live as they did back in 2019. Everyone still has to quarantine and stay away from others until most of the public is vaccinated. This means that motorcyclists must take precautions as well. So how does a rider stay safe while traveling on their motorcycle during the pandemic?

There are a few methods to protect yourself while traveling around town and while you hit the road for an extended ride.

1.  Practice gathering with your motorcycle friends at a safe distance and stay as clean as possible

Now, we understand that not many people want to wear a mask and practice social distancing. But it is in your interest and the interest of your friends and fellow riders if you heed this warning. A virus does not spread by itself. It invades other hosts, like people, and then transfers itself through moisture and breath. If a person contracts coronavirus but then isolates themself in their own home or apartment, then only they will become sick.

But if they contract the virus and then meet with their family and friends, share food with them, share cups and drinks, then dozens of other people will be infected, and those people who are now infected will go on and infect others. So, if you love your family, friends, and fellow riders, you will do what is right and stay away from others.

Please note that there are plenty of Ways to Prevent Contracting Coronavirus While You Ride!

Wearing a simple pair of leather motorcycle gloves will help keep your hands germ-free. Everyone is getting tired of washing their hands to the point where their hands are dry and ashy. But having a barrier between your hands and a public surface will keep you germ-free. Every time you are in public, you must clean your hands with soap and water and then with hand sanitizer. Some people argue it is more important to wash your hands thoroughly than to wear a mask. One reason why washing your hands is vital is that you never know if an infected person touched the handrail, doorknob, items, or handle you are about to touch. While it will not hurt you if it is just on your hand, most people touch their face, and if they rub their eye or touch their lip, they are very likely to contract it.

2.  If you travel somewhere, choose wide open spaces like camping and don’t stay indoors for too long, no matter how many people are in the building.

For most people, traveling has come to a house, and there is no way to go anywhere besides the grocery store. But motorcycle riders are more adventurous. There’s no problem with venturing out into the open road and exploring parts of the world they have not traveled to. So, if you want to travel anywhere, make sure your destination is a wide-open space where there aren’t many people. State Parks, campsites, and cabins are great places to reserve so you can get away. Just slide on your motorcycle protective jacket and grab your hand sanitizer.

These are just some tips that you stay healthy safe until the worldwide pandemic is over. But when this awful situation is finally over, you should still say safe by purchasing high-quality motorcycle protective gear. Nothing will make you regret not spending enough money and then a motorcycle crash. If you want to bug you but do not want to destroy your budget, go to We have a wide variety of protective clothes that will make you look stylish.

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