Beware These Major Springtime Dangers When Riding Your Motorcycle!

Beware These Major Springtime Dangers When Riding Your Motorcycle!

True motorcycle riders can navigate their bikes through any type of climate or weather. Through snow, rain, heat, gloom, a motorcyclist will suit up, jump on the back of their bike and rev their engine.

But some weather is far better for riding, especially when it comes to safety. Many motorcyclists enjoy riding their motorcycles in the springtime, especially when spring starts turning into summer.

Much like the gorgeous fall that causes the leaves to change into red, brown, gold, and orange, the springtime elevates the motorcycle riding experience. The scenery transforms from winter gloom to lively spring as the snow melts away and flowers and plants begin to bloom.


But there is one thing to consider: just because the days are longer and there is a warm breeze in the air does not mean that the winter road hazards are all gone. As winter turns to spring, there are four major four Road obstacles to watch out for. Some of these hazards become worse as the snow melts. Therefore, you must check out The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Season Riding.

Melting Black Ice

The most dangerous aspect of black ice is that it is nearly impossible to see. People who do not live in cold climates often fall prey to black ice and crash their cars because they are not used to spotting and avoiding it.

Black ice forms when rain or snow falls on the ground and freezes. Then it melts slightly due to the warm air or the sun, then when the temperature drops below freezing again, the water we’ll freeze. The constant melting and freezing of ice make the ice see-through.

This is why it is known as black ice; because you can see right through it to the black asphalt. As the winter turns into spring, ice on the road will melt. If the last winter freeze sets in, the water will freeze again to form black ice.

As the diamond switches back and forth from cold to warm, keep an eye out on the road and the weather. Travel on roads that are populated and be sure to wear thick padded motorcycle clothing like mens leather motorcycle pants or a mens leather motorcycle jackets with armor.

Puddles of Sand and Dirt

It is common for sand and dirt to fall on streets and roads. The only difference between wintertime and late spring summer and fall is that drivers can easily see dirt and sand on the road. Also, street sweepers will sweep away any grime and dirt, making the roads safer.

But during the wintertime, snow can sit on top of sand and dirt. With enough time, the dirt will cake into the asphalt and will not wash away when the snow melts. Be sure to keep your eyes open and travel slowly in areas where there is a lot of dirt.

Falling Twigs and Branches

As the winds pick up and warm air moves into the location, the force of the wind may cause some branches and twigs to fall on the road. If you are so inclined and there is no one on the road, try to move some of the larger twigs off of the road. If you wear leather motorcycle gloves, then you won’t have to worry about splinters. Your gloves will protect you.

Potholes and Large Cracks in the Asphalt

Small and large potholes and cracks reveal themselves when the snow is gone and all of the ice melts. If you are not paying attention, you could hit a pothole and sail through the air. Cars and trucks can also be damaged if they hit a pothole. Report any new potholes that you see while riding around. The faster they are reported, the sooner the city can fill them in.

Before you jump on the back of a motorcycle, be sure to wear the right motorcycle gear. A great set of men’s leather biker pants or a brown leather motorcycle vest will keep you warm and safe on the road.

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