Biker Chicks – What You Are Missing Out On


You will come across many different women in the dating world. Soft feminine women who need everyone and everything to be quiet after 8 pm, angry, loud chicks that will set all of your stuff on fire for the smallest misunderstanding, and career chicks can only meet you after 11 p.m. because her boss makes her stay late. So that’s why men should date every type of woman to know which one they are best with. There’s nothing wrong with dating different types of women as long as you’re straightforward with them and tell them that you’re not interested in anything serious if you are not. But you may not have to date any of these women at all. There is one woman out there who is an absolute treasure and who should be cherished like the Goddess that she is. That type of woman is the biker chick.

There is no one better in this world than the biker chick. She is her own independent woman who has opinions and a mind of her own. And if you don’t like that, she doesn’t care. She’s too busy jumping on the back of her beloved motorcycle and jetting off into the sunset. She makes her own money, puts gas in her bike, and can probably navigate her favorite areas better than someone who has lived in the area for 30 years!


Yes, the wild and free biker woman deserves a man who is just as independent and yet trustworthy and reliable as she is. She does not want anyone to keep her in one spot or tell her that she should give up on her dreams and do something more stable with her life. She knows that nothing is truly as stable as everyone says it is, so she might as well do what she wants. Don’t you come at her with that weak and shitty commitment either? She can see right through that. She can see through people with lines and weak Petty Edwards. And she will not entertain them. If you’re looking for someone to show pity on you, she is not the one to go to.

The type of girl doesn’t stay in one place for long, so any time that you have with her is precious. She can’t guarantee that she’ll come back and see you. This type of chick doesn’t want to stay in one place, and she realized long ago that she doesn’t have to. This woman is always clothed in some kind of leather, usually in a brown leather motorcycle jacket or a well-made pair of motorcycle riding gloves. Leather is her preferred material since it smells so damn good. She usually has makeup on, and there are days where she likes to have her hair up and style. However, her stylish hair only lasts until that helmet is on. Helmet hair is a thing!


So if you’re seeking this type of woman; independent, strong, can see through people’s lives, and wants to be what she’s destined to be, then you had better pick up your game. This type of woman does not go on walk dates, and she definitely will not go to a field that you know. She also doesn’t like it when men put in minimal effort and expect maximum rewards. That kind of attitude will have her back on her bike faster than you can say, “let me try again”. Once she grabs her motorcycle protective jacket and her mesh motorcycle pants, it’s over for you.

The biker chick is an elusive and protected woman, so if you’re not looking for anything that I just said, remove yourself from the biker chick’s life and don’t weigh her down. If you have the type of chick in your life and you want to get her a present, then go to to find things that your woman will love and use.

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