Motorcycling and Violence: Unraveling the Myth


Motorcycles have been around since about 1869 and were referred to as “velocipede” or self-propelled vehicles. By the 1890s the term “motorcycle” was in use to describe these two-wheeled horseless carriages that were being raced to promote their endurance. The first Indian Motorcycles were manufactured in 1901 by Hendee Manufacturing Co. Milwaukee, WI. In 1903 Harley-Davidson was born. To promote the interests of motorcyclists, “The  Federation of American Motorcyclists” (AMA) was founded that was 1903-1904. By 1905 the motorcycle was being used by police departments. By 1921 the motorcycle was ingrained into the American culture.

Is Riding A Motorcycle More Dangerous Than Driving A Car?


It is the responsibility of every driver to keep them and every other driver safe on the road. Following traffic laws and using proper safety gear are the best ways to do that. If you are a rider, you can get safety gear like helmet, boots, leather motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle pants to keep you safe. Depending on weather conditions you can also opt for mesh biker jackets and motorcycle mesh pants.

Top 5 Motorcycle Events in the US


For many years, in the US, likeminded people have gathered together in order to celebrate their favorite sport or activity. As early as 1825, fur trappers and mountain men came together in a pre-designated spot in the American West for an event called The Rendezvous. These fur trappers and mountain men would stay together for a week or more, trading their goods, drinking and participating in all kinds of contests.

Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review


Racing your motorcycle. Whether it’s on the track or street. I know. I know. Not legal. But there are a lot of people doing it. Let’s face it, most people that ride motorcycles either do or dream of driving fast.

And, when you are racing a motorcycle, you want the best protection possible wrapped around your body. At Wicked Stock we have some really nice leather motorcycle jackets to offer. But what about when it gets really hot outside? Are you going to want that heavy leather hanging on you, cooking you in your own personal oven?

Probably not. But you don’t want to take a chance and ride without the proper protection.

Imagine for a moment. What if there was a way that you could have both the protection and the comfort while you are racing your motorcycle? The answer of course, is the Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

Wicked Stock Sahara Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review


Summer is almost here and you’re going to want to shed that heavy leather jacket. You might want to try one of those Motorcycle Mesh Jackets which suit you best. And when it comes to Summer Men Motorcycle Jackets, the first choice is the Sahara Mesh Motorcycle Jacket from Wicked Stock because it’s light and comfortable for hot weather. Let’s find out more about the Wicked Stock’s Sahara mesh motorcycle jacket.