How to Take Care of Your Leathers


You went out and bought yourself the best motorcycle you could afford. Next, you stocked up on all that leather gear. If you are a smart rider, you got yourself few nice men motorcycle leather racing jackets and a pair of leather chaps or motorcycle pants. Let’s say you went all out and got yourself a leather motorcycle vest and some leather riding gloves.

Do I Really Need A Motorcycle Vest?


In a word…no. But just like leather motorcycle jackets or pants, a leather motorcycle vest can provide added protection for your back and chest in the event that you had to suddenly lay your bike down hard. Or if you were to wear one of the High Visibility Motorcycle Vests like the ones available on WICKED STOCK there would be a much better chance of you being seen by other drivers and perhaps avoiding the accident altogether.

A Brief History of Motorcycle Jackets


Marlon Brando wore one in “The Wild One.” Peter Fonda wore one with an American flag sewn on the back in “Easy Rider.” And not so long ago the show “Happy Days” had The Fonz. All sporting a leather motorcycle jacket. Leather motorcycle jackets have been the epitome of cool since they were introduced in 1928. In 1913, two new Yorkers Irving and Jack Schott started an apparel company in East Manhattan. They manufactured leather coats, selling them around New York.

Why Do We All Need Motorcycle Body Armor?


Is it really necessary? Especially in the summer months, wouldn’t it be much better to be dressed comfortably so you could stay loose and maneuverable in order to avoid a crash? A report published in 2006 titled “The Injury Reduction Benefits of Motorcycle Clothing” states that although protective clothing most likely won’t prevent injury in a high-impact crash, most motorcycle crashes don’t occur at high speed. In fact, it’s been found that almost 75% of motorcycle crashes happen while going less than 35 miles per hour.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Season Riding


It’s finally spring! Time to dust off that hog and head out on the highway. Right? Not so fast. There’s some prep work you have to complete first. That is if you want to stay safe and have your motorcycle keep running good throughout the summer months and into the fall. Until it’s time to put it away for another long winter’s nap. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts to get you started on your way.

Why Should I Wear A Motorcycle Pants?


In a word, yes. Unless you want to take a chance on getting a serious case of road rash. Chances are, you will go out on countless rides on your motorcycle without mishap. You just might finish your career as a biker without a scratch. But let’s face it, with all the cars on the road today, and the well- known fact that most drivers just do not see you, the odds are definitely not in your favor.

Will My Mesh Jacket Protect Me???


The warm summer months are almost upon us. That means a whole lot of riding opportunities. But that also means a hot sweaty ride, especially if you’re still wearing that thick leather jacket from the cooler months. In the days of old, when the warmer weather rolled around you would be forced to either take off your heavy leather jacket and ride in just a tee shirt or light windbreaker.

Why Should You Wear a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?


If you are new to motorcycling, then you might not know why you should wear a leather motorcycle jacket or what kind of benefits it provides. This article will tell you the benefits of having a leather motorcycle jacket and why it is so important for your safety. With protective gear key to being safe on a motorcycle, understanding the reasons why leather provides better protection than any other material is important. There are so many different reasons why leather is a better protective material for motorcyclists and this article aims to provide that information.

How Does Waterproof Rain Gear Work?


No matter where you ride or what you ride, you’re always going to have to go up against mother-nature at some point. Riding in the rain can be fun for some, and we’re not knocking it. But, rain can also be annoying to ride in when you don’t have the proper gear. Why is Motorcycle Rain Gear Important? When you’re riding a motorcycle, rain can pose a rather big hazard for you as a rider. Not only does it make the road slippery and dangerous, but it also reduces the visibility of other motorists on the road, which can put you in a very bad position as a rider.

How to Choose Best Motorcycle Rain Gear


You have your sweet ride and your jacket, and you have already had some great, memorable rides. Now that the seasons are changing, and the rain is coming, it is time to have a look at some wet weather gear. It is never fun to get rained on while you are out for a ride. This post will help you pick out the best motorcycle wet weather pants and jackets for the conditions where you live. Make sure you have a look at wicked stock for all the best products.