Are Expensive Leather Motorcycle Jackets Really Better Than Low Cost Ones

Whether it’s for recreation or as a means of transportation, every motorcyclist knows the importance of protective gears. Motorcycle safety gears such as helmets, jackets, boots and gloves serve to protect the rider from serious injury in the event of an accident. Jackets are one of the most important motor cycle gears, serving as a protective covering for the shoulder, chest and back and the organs contained therein. What Features Make A Motorcycle Jacket High Quality? Body armour and thickness: When it comes to protective gear, you get what you pay for. Therefore, a cheap jacket is most likely to be of poor quality. Quality motorcycle jackets should have standard body armour padding covering the back, spine, shoulders, elbows and forearm. Low quality jackets are usually made with little to no armour in order to save cost. If safety is of paramount importance to you, then you should go for thick jackets of about 1.5mm. The thicker a jacket, the more likely it is to protect your skin from abrasion in the event of a crash.   Linings and Air vents: Liners are what gives Expensive motorcycle jackets usually have quality linings that keep the rider warm in cold seasons. The lining is often times removable to enable use of the jacket in warmer seasons. Motorcycle jackets usually contain zippered air vents on the chest, shoulder, back and under the arms which allows for airflow inside the gear in order to prevent excessive perspiration and heat exhaustion.   Fitting: Your motorcycle jacket should fit like a second skin without restricting your movement or ability to breathe normally. An overly large jacket will hike up during a slide leaving your skin exposed. An overly tight jacket can cut off blood circulation. It should be comfortable both when you’re standing and sitting.   Seams and Zippers: The seams of your leather jacket should be inside so as to avoid abrasion in the event of an accident. Also, the seams should be overlaid or triple stitched so they do not burst open on impact. The zippers should close and open easily, they should be covered with a flap to protect them from the elements and so they don’t pose an extra risk to the rider in an accident.   Fewer panels: The fewer panels that make up your jacket, the better. Smaller individual panels are likely to burst at the seams in an accident.         Why You Should Buy High Quality Leather Motorcycle Jackets. It makes sense that the fewer features on a jacket, the lesser it will cost. High quality motorcycle leather jackets are usually expensive for a number of reasons such as the features listed above. The following are reasons why you should consider going for high quality jackets. Protection: Although high quality leather is usually more expensive and heavier than low quality leather, it is made with the rider’s safety in mind. Visibility plays an important role in a rider’s safety as motorists may fail to notice motorcycles in […]

Leather Racing Jackets, Fashion or Necessity

Everyone knows that leather jackets have always and will for a long time continue to be a fashion staple. From our favourite celebrities to the biker next door, it would seem that everyone fancies a leather jacket. Leather jackets are favoured in fashion not just for their durability but the sophistication it gives the wearer.  In motorcycling spheres, it is worn to provide protection from abrasions in the event of an accident. So where exactly does a leather jacket fit in, the fashion world or the world of motorcyclists? 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Leather Jacket Buy quality. It’s true that in order to buy a quality leather jacket you may have to spend a little more money than you would if you opted for fake leather but real leather has a long life span. Whether your reasons for buying a leather jacket is fashion or motorcycling, always go for quality. Colour: When in doubt, go black. Black leather jackets go with every colour in your wardrobe but you don’t have to be limited to black. Brown leather jackets can also be worn instead of brown. Bikers should choose leather jackets with a reflective material as it can serve to protect against collision with motorists who may not see them driving in the dark. Comfort: Your leather jacket should fit like a glove and you should be comfortable wearing it. There’s no point spending good money to get a leather jacket and feel uncomfortable wearing it. Fitting is even more important when purchasing a leather jacket for cycling. A jacket that fits is less likely to hike up during a slide. Keep the shoulder length in mind as jackets with small shoulder lengths would restrict your movement. On the other hand, a shoulder length that is too big would look uneven on you and can be dangerous for riding. Also, keep in mind that good quality leather usually has higher armholes which allow the arms to move freely. This is specifically for buyers who intend to use their leather jackets for motorcycling. Your motorcycle jacket should have protective padding on the chest, back and arms. The padding on your jacket should also be elastic enough to distribute energy in the event of a crash. Leather jackets do not only protect from abrasion but from harsh weather conditions. Your leather jacket should not only offer you protection from rain (especially if you live in an area where it rains frequently) but breathability. Going for leather jackets with quilted interiors can provide additional warmth when riding in the cold. Length: The length of your jacket can play a major role in comfortability whilst driving. Mid-waist length is an ideal length for bikers as anything longer than this would hike up in your lap and make riding an unnecessarily arduous task.       Types of Leather   There are a variety of hide from which leather is made. Each one has its own characteristic, strengths and drawbacks. The common types […]

Tips To Ever Last Your Favorite Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Undoubtedly Leather Jackets have the greatest fan following. Not only it adds style and elegance but also never goes out of fashion. Leather jackets are of various types like bomber leather jackets, suede leather jackets and more. Other than these, riders have a great love for leather jackets which are specially designed for them as leather motorcycle jackets. To get a best quality leather motorcycle jacket you pay a handsome amount. Leather jackets are made of a natural material which is made of different skin hides. But obviously, with a passage of time, it starts losing its attraction and seeks attention and care for maintenance. Well, the leather jacket cannot be just dumped in the washing machine as this can make it shrink or damage it acutely. You need to opt for the remedies and tips that are necessary and helpful in proper cleaning of the leather jackets. Check out the following simple pointers for keeping your leather jacket neat and stored for long. • A genuine and authentic leather motorcycle jacket provider will definitely give you a booklet along that includes set of instructions for the proper up keeping of the jacket. More often we ignore such sort of booklets or pamphlets that ends up in our trash cans. Thus, it is highly advisable to read out these instructions carefully and follow them as delivered by the provider. • It is immensely discouraged to use detergents or soaps. If it cannot be avoided then only you can use a mild soap with cold water and a sponge. Once applied on the jacket, wipe it off immediately. • As jacket is exposed to different environments, it can get oil or grease stains. Never try to clear them out with water as it will support stains to spread out over a large area. Thus rather than using water, sprinkle some corn starch or any talc powder at the affected point and leave it overnight. Next day just wipe out the procedure with a dry soft piece of cloth. • While riding a bike, you may face extreme weather situation. If the leather jacket gets wet with body sweat or due to unpredictable weather condition then allow it to get dry in natural open air. But always remember never to expose it to the direct sunlight as the color of your jacket fades away and lose all its charm. • Use leather protectors or conditioners especially in winters as they really works well from getting the jacket dry and dull • Moreover, leather lotions are used for gleaming and smoother look. • The procedure of water proofing your jacket with a water proof agent is highly essential. This must be repeated after some period of time. It seal the pores of the leather thus delivers a sound protection against water. • Always keep your leather jacket in a cool dry and ventilated area. A closet is a right place for this. Also, do keep a check on the humidity level. Thus for […]

A perfect leather vest can make your clothing stylish

Often primary emphases are placed on the style and material of leather jackets and pants. Other than this we find people ignoring the quality and the elegance of the rest of the necessary stuff required by the riders. One of the essential requirements is leather motorcycle vests which not only add more style but also offers comfort and warmth. Just like every product makes its own fashion statement, similarly, leather motorcycle vests hold their own class and sophistication. Leather motorcycle vests are available in different types and styles. One has to choose according to the preference as well as the body shape and suitability. So, here we are with some simple shapes and designs that make a perfect leather vest to make your clothing worth watching. Different Styles of Leather Motorcycle Vests: Vests are entirely wrapped around the body and are termed as a protective tool for the riders. Have a look at the following pointers to get to know about the unique styles of Leather Motorcycle Vests. There are mainly three broad styles to follow: The first one is clearly termed as leather motorcycle vests with front pockets and is usually button down. It is cut high at the neck portion. It offers an amazing cozy feeling to the riders while they cruise around. Utility Vest is one of the most liked vest’s styles by men. It comprises several pockets and is specially designed for motorcycle riders. It helps the rider to stay warm with style. Lastly, the vest also comes in V shape design which is typically termed as the western design. Which Type of leather is useful for the Vests? Various factors are to be kept in mind to get the best quality, worth paying vest. But the very first and the most significant step is to have a complete know-how about the hides and the skins. Well, the term “Hides” refers to the pelts of the large animals while considering the term “Skin”; it is associated with the pelts of small animals. Let’s have a look at a few examples: Calf skin: Calf skin is rated as one of the most durable hides. It is a hide of a calf which is extremely soft naturally. It is easy going one. Shear Ling: The dark skin of a sheared sheep is clad with the wool. Shear ling consists of a suede surface on one side whereas the other side is clipped fur surface. Any of the surfaces can be used for clothing. Both are almost equally good in offering a soothing feel. Ostrich skin: The skin of the ostrich is one of the most expensive ones which is usually found in South Africa. The ostrich skin undoubtedly gives a unique look to the leather clothing. Despite it being costly, people are interested in buying it. There are several other skins and hides available in the markets which may include horse hides, cow hides and more. However, whenever getting a vest, first make your mind clear about the […]

Thrill wrapped in style, women’s leather motorcycle jackets

Adventure has usually been associated with boys especially bike racing. However girls are not behind in any sports these days including motorcycle riding.  There are many girls from all over the world who love adventure riding. Protection gear for girls is as important as it is for boys but sadly most of the apparel in this field is focused on producing protection gear boys. Boys leather motorcycle jackets are commonly available in all sizes and shapes however to find female versions of these leather motorcycle jacket is not as easy. Not only the adventure lovers girls out there but also those who use motorbike for daily commute need leather motorcycle jackets to protect against road burns, scratches and injuries in case of a hit. Choosing a leather motorcycle jacket is critical not only because they are quite expensive but also because they form that part of the gear of that protects body’s life critical organs. Although the range available for female leather motorcycle jackets is limited however some very good options have been introduced. Below are some of the points that need to be kept in mind when choosing a leather motorcycle jacket. Size: A good leather motorcycle jacket should fit to the body of the rider. However in ladies section this attribute is very difficult to find. This is because most of the leather jackets available in market are target for slimmer girls however Girls tend to get busty specially after having kids.  Also the length and waist proportion for women is different from men. They are not so tall and most of the jackets that fit their bust and waist are usually much longer than required. Vendors need to work on this attribute to make leather motorcycle jackets available for all women irrespective of their body shape and size. Quality: Quality of leather is very important for any leather jacket. Top quality jackets are very expensive but if taken care of they may outlive the bikes and thus in longer run may actually be cost efficient as compared to other jackets. Protection: Leather motorcycle jacket is a gear for protection. When choosing a leather jacket for motorcycle wear, ensure that it has enough padding without destroying comfort and maneuverability for the driver. Another point often observed by lady bike riders is that women jackets are often focused on style only and the level of protection they provide is not enough. However in recent years, leather motorcycle jackets for women have been introduced in motorbike gear stores that are more focused on safeguarding the female riders. Color: Leather jackets are now available in almost all colors. This gives the female riders an option to choose hot red or bright yellow to satiate their colorful taste buds while getting maximum protection. However when choosing color, conditions in which it will be worn should be kept in mind. For example for polluted environments or dusty weather condition a neutral color like brown should be preferred to hide the layer of dirt […]