Getting Started – When Buying a Used Motorcycle


So you are looking to buy a used motorcycle. It is certainly an economical way to try out a different ride. Or maybe you’ve ridden in the past but never owned your motorcycle. There are a hundred reasons to buy a used motorcycle and they are perfectly valid. The important thing, and what I am going to go over today is to make sure you know what you need before buying that previously owned motorcycle.

35 Challenging Things Every Motorcyclist Must Do


Driving a motorcycle takes a special kind of person. When we are on the road, we have to maintain constant vigilance to remain safe even in ideal conditions, just because of other drivers. When you add rain or snow to the mix it is even more so. Plenty of people consider us full hardy and reckless, but for those of us for whom this is an inseparable part of our identity, it is an expression of our soul. We need our freedom, but we also have some things to accomplish.

Warning Stickers and Best Practices


My first motorcycle and boy was I proud. A brand new, pristine Ducati GT1000 all those years ago. To me, it was a powerhouse work of art and the end all be all that I had been looking for. Then somebody had seen fit to slap a warning sticker on the face. No, none of us should drive drunk, and yeah, they have to tell you to read the manual. But I was young and after I got it home, I was not taking it back out until I have had these annoyances removed. After parking, I walked straight to the garage and grabbed a pack of razor blades.

Customizing Your Motorcycle for Anything


There are plenty of reasons why those of us who ride motorcycles are defined by it. Your motorcycle is an extension of yourself and you can represent who you are to the world. A common problem can be that the extension of self can be limited by the cash we can devote to it. There aren’t that many of us who can buy one bike for the street or the track and then another for off-roading, and even if you can, do you want to look at your garage and be able to say I have a motorcycle for every season and every hobby? If you are anything like me, likely not. I wanted to use the same motorcycle on the street as I do in the woods and handle itself on the highway on my way home. In winter, I was not going to be pushed off my bike. I am going to gear up with my leather motorcycle jacket and be able to get through the snow with the same confidence I had in the summer.

Biker Chicks – What You Are Missing Out On


You will come across many different women in the dating world. Soft feminine women who need everyone and everything to be quiet after 8 pm, angry, loud chicks that will set all of your stuff on fire for the smallest misunderstanding, and career chicks can only meet you after 11 p.m. because her boss makes her stay late. So that’s why men should date every type of woman to know which one they are best with. There’s nothing wrong with dating different types of women as long as you’re straightforward with them and tell them that you’re not interested in anything serious if you are not. But you may not have to date any of these women at all. There is one woman out there who is an absolute treasure and who should be cherished like the Goddess that she is. That type of woman is the biker chick.

Buyer Beware! What to Know When Buying a Motorcycle


There’s nothing better than buying a new motorcycle. Even if the bike is used, it is still new to you. And the new feeling that you love so much is even stronger if it is a vintage motorcycle that you have dreamt about since you were a kid. When you officially know you can buy the motorcycle of your dreams, the daydreams begin to flood your mind, and you are not able to stop thinking about it. There’s just something magical that happens when you finally have the motorcycle that you’ve always wanted. But it is important not to be foolish with your money and buy a motorcycle that is a dud. Some people are completely blinded by the love of their motorcycle that they buy it sight unseen and untested. So before you fall victim to a poorly-maintained motorcycle, you are a few things you need to know.

Home is Where the Road is


All my life, I have daydream and dreamt of the open road, even when I was a child. Every time I gaze at a picture of an empty highway or roadway disappearing into a hilly Mountain, my mind would race. When I was studied in junior and High School, I would always choose the seat right by the window. While I was by the window, I would sit and stare at the Open Sky whenever I could.

Fitting In Is For Car Owners


I have never been someone who easily fits in. I’ve never really understood why. I don’t believe I think differently than other people. I mean, I do have my thoughts and opinions, but so does everyone else. And I can usually meet one or two people that share my same views. But no matter how or how much I tried to fit in with everyone, I just couldn’t do it. I always made some kind of misstep that would derail my fragile goodwill among the new group. I used to lie awake at dawn and wonder why I am the way I am.