Top 5 Perfect Motorcycle Vacations


Summer is here, and it is the time for that perfect motorcycle vacation that results in a lifetime of memories. You have done all your planning, and now it is time to hit the road, you know where you are going for that perfect motorcycle vacation. Just in case you are still looking for that perfect vacation destination, here are five ideas that are great motorcycle vacations.

Do’s and Don’ts for Group Motorcycle Riding


During the pre-trip meetings decide who will lead the group ride, usually someone who has considerable road trip experience. If your group ride consists of more than 7 riders, it might be a good idea to form new groups of 5 to 7 riders for better road safety. If more than one group is formed, it is best to pick a leader for each Group and don’t forget the tail rider. A tail rider is an experienced rider who follows behind each Group to help anyone who breaks down and needs help.

Hot Weather Can Be Hazardous – Checkout the Best Motorcycle Gear for Extreme Heat


Summer is the time of year that you want to get out and tour on your motorcycle. Summer in the U. S. can get quite hot, often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in many places. Riding a motorcycle wearing full leathers in extreme heat can cause problems, heat stroke, heat exhaustion to mention a couple. Keeping yourself hydrated during hot weather is a must, bring along plenty of water, you’ll need it. To make riding in scorching weather safer, here are some tips to help protect you.

Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket Waterproof Review


You ride a motorcycle as close to year-round as possible. In the southern states of the U. S., you can ride all year long. However, in the more northern states, you can ride most of the year except when the roads are iced up. Ice and motorcycles are not a good thing until the ice forces you to park your MC, and there you want a good all weather jacket. Therefore, the Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket Waterproof is the smart choice for all season riding.

Motorcycling and Violence: Unraveling the Myth


Motorcycles have been around since about 1869 and were referred to as “velocipede” or self-propelled vehicles. By the 1890s the term “motorcycle” was in use to describe these two-wheeled horseless carriages that were being raced to promote their endurance. The first Indian Motorcycles were manufactured in 1901 by Hendee Manufacturing Co. Milwaukee, WI. In 1903 Harley-Davidson was born. To promote the interests of motorcyclists, “The  Federation of American Motorcyclists” (AMA) was founded that was 1903-1904. By 1905 the motorcycle was being used by police departments. By 1921 the motorcycle was ingrained into the American culture.