Potomac Protective Armored Riding Shirt

Potomac Protective Armored Riding Shirt

Two obstacles stand in the way of motorcycle riders every time they jump on the back of their motorcycle. The first obstacle is navigating the roads and watching for pedestrians who act like they have a death wish. Some situations are easy to handle, like driving down a nearly empty highway on a warm sunny day. But if you’re stuck in the middle of downtown Houston, New York, or L.A., and you have to fight off pedestrians, drunk drivers, and bicyclists at every red light. Being constantly on edge can be pretty exhausting, and it is one of the biggest downsides to living life as a motorcyclist.

The Motorcycling World In 2020 And How Motorcycle Gear Prevents Covid-19


Motorcyclists all over the country found one way or another to stay on their bikes and go where they needed to safely. They put on their masks, carry around extra masks and hand sanitizer in their backpacks and avoided any gas station that had too many people. That’s the thing about motorcyclists; we can always adapt to our circumstances.

Motorcycle Riding Formations: Why They Are Important

Motorcycle Riding Formations

Riding in a formation with tens to hundreds of other bikers is the dream of many boys, girls, and exhausted office workers. Imagine sitting on a loud and heavy motorcycle while going 60 miles an hour with your very own family like a tight-knit motorcycle gang. It’s nothing but you, your makeshift family, and the open road. And if all of you are wearing the same American eagle jackets mens, well, that makes the experience even better.

Why You Need To Wear Motorcycle Gear?

Why You Need To Wear Motorcycle Gear

You may think it is odd, but many people are out there on motorcycles on the road right now who are wearing flip-flops and small jean shorts. Those who wear basic streetwear while riding on a motorcycle are very foolish and should never be imitated. If you are truly serious about motorcycle safety, you must be clothed head to toe in proper motorcycle gear.

3 Ways to Protect You and Your Motorcycle

3 Ways to Protect You and Your Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle can allow you to experience a new side of life. You can spend all day in your car fighting traffic on the freeway and sitting down at work listening to your boss and their overzealous demands while dodging your gossipy coworkers. But when you interact with your motorcycle, it’s like you enter into a new world where none of that matters. The moment you sit on your motorcycle and turn on the engine, you will feel that the whole world is out there for you to discover it. You can go anywhere, and all that you need is a toothbrush, some gas in your motorcycle, and some great tunes. But if you are not smart, all of these wonderful fantasies and feelings can end in the blink of an eye. Your luck could change faster than taking off a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. No matter where you are, what vehicle you’re using, or how long you’ve been on the road, it is crucial to keep your wits about you and look for signs of danger to avoid it. So here’s what you must look for when you’re on the street.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles have a plethora of advantages compared to cars, especially when it comes to space and parking, but cars are the better bet when it comes to safety and anti-theft. Unfortunately, it is simple for someone to steal a motorcycle from a person’s home or just off the street. However, there are few things a motorcycle owner can do to make it more difficult for a person to steal their bike.

Visualization – Predict and Prevent


Humans can learn using many methods, and each technique can help improve already existing skills or talents. One excellent learning method that every motorcycle rider needs to know about is visualization. An easy way to understand visualization is called daydreaming for a purpose. We all have had those times where we review in our head what we’re going to do when before we do it. This is visualization in its simplest form. Other times visualization has happened automatically within our brains is when we picture ourselves grabbing breakfast before starting work, reviewing what should happen during a birthday party before the guests arrive at our homes, or planning how we’re going to succeed when we’re giving a year-long project from work.

The Skills of a Motorcycle Group Leader

The Skills of a Motorcycle Group Leader

The life of a motorcycle group leader is never dull and never easy. There is a trade-off: if you are a follower, you don’t have to worry about where you are going next or how to manage disputes within the group. Your only mission is to eat and ride. You’ll have to earn your place within the group, but it is a smooth living once you do. But if you are the leader, you decide where the group goes, where they sleep, where they eat, and how they live. It is always good to be on top, but that role does not come without responsibilities. As a leader, you must make wise decisions for everyone and keep the peace as well. Everyone will know and respect you, but if you do not lead your people well, everyone will think you are a failure and leave you faster than a suburban mom exiting a truck stop bathroom.

Ego and Where You are Going to Hurt


All of us plan on living forever no matter how stupid we know it is. Part of us knows we won’t, so the only way we can react to the threat of injury or death is to proclaim “bring it”. This is true for people in general and motorcycle riders in particular. We are a great bunch but fear makes people stupid. We will tell the world that we ride with the devil and if he says it’s time then we will go with a smile because we don’t actually plan on dying. Not when a semi cuts us off or we are doing 85 on the turnpike while our hair flaps in the wind. For someone out of a hundred people who claim it maybe they really don’t care. And I suppose those one out of a hundred aren’t who I am talking to right now. I am talking about the other 99 out of a hundred people who know they should be careful or are too lazy or too self-conscious to take the smart steps.