Rider Training – Do You Still Comply?


You have your motorcycle license, been riding for a couple of years; do you still adhere to your safety training? Did you know that many motorcycle accidents involve riders without training?  Ninety-two percent of riders involved in accidents were self-taught or learned from friends or family. Rider inattention is a common factor in many motorcycle accidents.

Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits


Riding a motorcycle requires honing some skills to near perfection, being average is not acceptable. Being average means, you may have developed some bad habits that could get you into serious trouble. Let’s take a look at some bad habits you may have developed by thinking you are a better rider than you are. We’ll also look at what you can do to improve your riding habits for the better.

Surviving Hairpin Turns – Be Prepared!


Approaching a hairpin turn can create anxiety in the inexperienced rider. Negotiating hairpins can be tricky at best, but for beginning riders, it is an experience in itself. Get some additional training in the slow-speed operation of a motorcycle, then practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. Since you are preparing yourself for riding through hairpin turns, consider wearing Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets for max safety.

An Adventure Motorcycle under 500ccs Will Serve You Well


Off-roading is what it is, riding a motorcycle off the beaten path, usually on unpaved roads, in some cases, no road at all. The smaller, lighter, more comfortable to maneuver dual-sport motorcycle is what the doctor ordered. Before you buy one, you should know more about what are different types of motorcycles based on the usage? While you are at it, do not hesitate to get Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket to go along with the dual-sport motorcycle of your choice.

Black Friday Sale


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