How to Make an All-Purpose Kit for Your Motorcycle?


The moment you purchase your brand new motorcycle, you need to do two things. You need to get insurance for it, and you must put together a motorcycle emergency kit so you can always be ready in case you have a problem. You would be surprised at how many people don’t have a kit with them in their backpack or a storage compartment on the motorcycle. That’s like going out on a rainy day and not wearing your motorcycle rain suit. You never know when your motorcycle could break down. It may happen even though you take meticulously good care of it. So here’s how to make an emergency or all-purpose kit.

Testing Your Motorcycle Turn Signals: A How-To Guide

Testing Your Motorcycle Turn Signals

The turn signals on your motorcycles should always be in top working condition. Many bad drivers opt not to use their turn signal when they turn, and other people suffer the consequences when they crash into them. But you’re not a bad driver, and you will ensure that your turn signals are always in top working condition. So I have written a quick and easy turn signal testing guide to making testing easy for you.

How to Handle U-Turns on a Motorcycle?

How to Handle U-Turns on a Motorcycle

Many drivers have issues making proper u-turns. Some drivers swing too wide and are in danger of hitting the other car they next to them, while are other drivers swing too narrowly and end up hitting the street divider. It is a problem for many people on the road. And motorcyclists are not immune to u-turns issues. Just because they have a smaller vehicle does not mean they are in less danger. This is why I have created a quick and easy guide on safely performing a tight U-turn, so you don’t end up flipping your motorcycle over.

Testing Your Motorcycle Headlight: What to Do

Testing Your Motorcycle Headlight

At least once a year, you must test the various parts of your motorcycle to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If you do not have time or the energy to undergo this task, you can always hire a trusted mechanic who will perform a thorough checkup on your motorcycle. Or you can always check each part one by one. Today we’ll be going over how to test your motorcycle headlight.

4 Dating Missteps Motorcycle Riders Should Never Do


No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, dating isn’t easy. But there are a few other situations that a motorcycle rider might encounter. These situations are the same as any other person’s encounters while dating, but people who ride instead of drive have different outlooks on the situation. Why would you choose to maneuver a symbol of freedom and Independence if you willingly think the same way as others do?

What Motorcyclists Need To Know About Dating?


No matter who you are on the inside or what kind of vehicle you drive, you are probably someone who is looking for love. Sometimes it may be unbelievably hard to find the right one for you, but millions of people around you are in the tri-state area, so it can’t be as impossible as you think. But when you’re on a date, it is important to dress the part. If you don’t have any clothing that can work on both dates and driving your motorcycle, then we suggest looking into a men’s leather moto jacket. You can also clean up well with leather motorcycle pants. We choose these items because there is no occasion that cannot be improved by wearing leather.

Motorcycle Lessons That Your Teenager Needs To Know


Like any other vehicle, riding on a motorcycle is a responsibility. If your child wants to purchase a motorcycle, chances are that there’s nothing you can do or say to stop them. As their parent, you can warn them and guide them on the correct way to respect both their vehicle and the road. Here are a few things you are able to teach your child before they ever get on their bike.