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Motorcycle Lessons That Your Teenager Needs To Know


Like any other vehicle, riding on a motorcycle is a responsibility. If your child wants to purchase a motorcycle, chances are that there’s nothing you can do or say to stop them. As their parent, you can warn them and guide them on the correct way to respect both their vehicle and the road. Here are a few things you are able to teach your child before they ever get on their bike.

What to Do When You Have a Passenger?


Motorcycles are the symbol of Independence and freedom, but sometimes we want someone to travel with us. Many of us have friends that improve our vacations and make them more fun and exciting. Unfortunately, a motorcycle is not the best way for two or more people to travel. But if your friend is adamant about coming with you, there are a few things you can do to make motorcycle riding easier, especially if they are not used to riding.

The Best Motorcycle Road Trip Routes in California


When a person envisions themselves on a motorcycle, they don’t see gridlock traffic and their precious motorcycle boiling under the hot California sun. They see the beautiful scenery, wide-open roads, and being all by themselves without a care in the world. And there’s no better state in the country to ride your motorcycle than in California. Over 900 miles of nature, roads, and skies await all those who decide to get off of the beaten path and embrace their wild side.

5 Great Motorcycle Facts You Need To Know!


To truly become invested in the motorcycle lifestyle, it’s long enough to look the part and have a sweet ride. You must also have a good level of knowledge about motorcycles and the entire motorcycle industry. But there’s so much that you can read and learn about, that it may feel overwhelming even to begin. So we have done a bit of research for you, so you can get started on learning about this amazing industry and all that it encompasses. Here are 14 great motorcycle facts that every motorcyclist hat should know!

Wind: A Danger to Riders Who are Unprepared


Rain and snow are not the only elements that motorcycle riders have to battle against. Strong winds can be a nuisance to those who are driving on freeways and roads that have no buildings or structures on either side. So what should a motorcycle rider do if they suddenly caught in the middle of strong winds? We have written a quick guide for you to follow in case you’re ever in this situation.

What You Need To Know About Night Riding


Driving at night is one of the most dangerous aspects of driving, whether in a car or on a motorcycle. New riders are constantly told to practice driving at night as soon as they own or have access to a motorcycle. It is a fact that more accidents occur at night than during the day, even though there are fewer vehicles on the road. So it is essential for motorcycle riders to always be on their guard when they’re driving at night.

A Fast and Simple Guide to Buying a Used Motorcycle


Since Millennials were born, their parents have told them that buying a vehicle directly off the lot is a waste of money. It is commonly known that 10% of a vehicle’s value immediately drops when you drive it off of the dealership lot. So the best route to get more value for your money is to buy a used motorcycle. But what do you need to know to prevent yourself from being scammers or purchasing a dud? Here’s a fast and simple guide on how to buy a used motorcycle that will last and prevent you from being scammed.

About to buy a motorcycle for less than $1000? Here’s what you should know


Thanks to the many online marketplaces that list vehicles to sell, experiencing the motorcycle lifestyle is easier and cheaper than ever. Purchasing a motorcycle for less than $1,000 is entirely possible, and you can even have money left over to go shopping for a new leather biker vest! But remember: the lower the price is, the more problems you could encounter. Or the seller could lie to you and end up scamming you. To guarantee a good motorcycle for such a low price, here’s what you should know.