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Speaking Without Words – How To Use Motorcycle Hand Signals

How To Use Motorcycle Hand Signals

When you’re riding on your motorcycle down an open road, you aren’t able to communicate with motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and automobiles. If you leave with a group of people on a motorcycle trip, the group must discuss everything before you all will put your helmets on.  Looking at your cell phone is a bad idea, as one glance away from the road can knock you on your butt.  So what can you do to show other motorcyclists and automobiles that you need to communicate?  Well, we all know that vehicles have hand and arm signals for when their blinkers are out. Motorcyclists also have hand signals they can use to signal their next move to anyone around them. Learning these motorcycle hand signals is essential to communicate with a group of motorcycle riders. When the leader of the motorcycle group wants everyone to get off at the next exit, switch lanes, or halt for danger, they can use these signals to message the entire group. After all, Surviving The Ride Is Up to You. What Do Motorcycle Hand Signals Look Like? Here are six hand signals every motorcycle needs to know. There are more than a dozen hand signals to learn, but the ones on this list are the most common.  Once you memorize the following hand signals, you’ll be able to communicate with everyone on the road. These hand signals are pretty much self-explanatory and anyone can guess what each hand signal means, even if they have never seen them before. Left Turn – remove your hand from the motorcycle steering rod and extend the arm completely out to the left. The Palm should be flat as well. Turn Right – lift your left hand until it is parallel and then bend your elbow so that your arm makes a 90° angle pointing up. Follow Me – extend your hand and arm all the way up with a slight Bend in the elbow. Upcoming Hazard – if the hazard is on the left side, with your left all right, extend your arm down to the side of the road and extend your pointer finger. If the hazard is on the right side, extend your right foot out along with your left arm and hand. Stop For Drinks Or Stop To Rest – move your head to the left and place your pointer finger on the helmet where your mouth would be. Cups Are Close By – Using your left arm and hand, touch the top of your helmet. Then remove your hand from the helmet and lift it. Do this repeatedly. This signal is supposed to look like the warning light signal on the top of cop cars. Along with learning about hand signals, every motorcyclist needs to wear motorcycle gear. You should never speed down an open road at 80 mph with just a pair of jeans and flip-flops on.  At the very least, wearing motorcycle protective gear like Leather Motorcycle Jackets can protect your body from suffering […]

Fight Your Nerves And Ride To Freedom!

Fight Your Nerves And Ride To Freedom

Have you ever felt like someone was chasing you? Your heart rate speeds up and you’re hyper-aware of everything going on around you as if someone is going to jump out from behind your office’s Focus and pin you down to the ground. Fight your nerves and ride to freedom! You go through a list of names in your head of everyone that you interact with to see if you’ve done anything stupid recently. But you can’t think of anything that you’ve done. Maybe constant low-grade anxiety is extremely stressful to the body.  Even when there’s nothing wrong and you’re completely safe, your body is telling you that it needs to amp up your adrenaline because something somewhere is coming for you.  Adrenaline in the nervous system is a powerful tool that helps keep us alive when we are being hunted by wild animals every day. But the only wild animal that we come into contact with is our coworker who tears apart their fast food chicken as if they were raised by wolves. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety and you are not bound to one area, then you probably jumped on the back of your motorcycle and took off down the street. Unlike driving a car or truck, which barely involves any movement besides the movement of your foot on the pedal, maneuvering a motorcycle requires your whole body.  Perhaps that’s why people with anxiety feel better when they go for a motorcycle ride. After a half-hour ride, they feel so much better and now they’re in a new area that they can explore. After all, Therapy Is Expensive, Motorcycle Riding Is Cheap. Hopefully, you are experiencing enough that riding your motorcycle in certain environments does not make you anxious anymore! If you had to learn to ride a motorcycle in your late twenties, I’m sure you were filled with adrenaline-pumping anxiety when trying to make a turn.  Luckily those days are over now. But when you get on your motorcycle, you should always be dressed head to toe in protective gear. Every motorcycle needs a few key essential items: Men’s Leather Biker Pants, Motorcycle Riding Jackets, and Leather Motorcycle Gloves so you stay dry from the waist down. If you’re like me, you’re always searching for great deals on motorcycle protective gear. It would be nice to be able to go to any website and purchase the exact jacket or gloves that you want, but some motorcycle gear can be extremely expensive.  The motorcycle clothing you wear should protect your body while you’re on the road and protect your bank account from being drained after a shopping spree. And shopping online is so difficult! You’ll never know if something’s going to fit you or not! Here you are waiting three or four weeks for your motorcycle clothing to arrive and when it finally does arrive, it doesn’t fit you!  No wonder brick-and-mortar stores are still in business! But online shopping doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. I recommend […]

When You Can’t Ride – Prep for It

when you can't ride prep for it

Every motorcycle rider knows when it has been a long time between motorcycle rides. They have dreams of riding their motorcycle. They can feel the wind on their face and the hum of their bike underneath them in their dreams.

Beauty, And Safety, Is Experienced Through The Eyes

beauty and safety is experienced through eyes

As a motorcyclist, your site is critical to your safety and the safety of those on your motorcycle and around you on the road. If you don’t have good vision, you should not be on a motorcycle.

Preparing For A Long Distance Ride

preparing for a long distance ride

The anticipation you feel when preparing for a long-distance ride is energizing. Each day you feel the excitement building as the day of departure gets closer and closer. Many motorcyclists are already mentally traveling, especially if they are leaving in two or three days.

Loving The Lean: Why Do We Love To Lean

why do we love to lean

The motorcycle is a vehicle that was built to do tricks. If you are a daredevil that has an intense need for speed, then you probably have a motorcycle waiting for you in your garage or your apartment parking space.

Riding Your Motorcycle Could Be The Therapy You Need

Therapy For Anxiety

Have you ever had a series of terrible days, one right after the other? Maybe they weren’t just days, but weeks or even months. There will be periods in our life that will feel relentless and you may feel that you do not know about the Therapy for Anxiety.