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4 Lies Motorcyclists Tell Themselves

4 Lies Motorcyclists Tell Themselves

Unless you are an auto mechanic student, no one likes to hear a new noise from their vehicle that they have never heard before. If you hear a high-pitched screeching or the noise of something scraping on metal, do not pretend like it will sort itself out. Your day will be interrupted as you have to take your motorcycle to the shop, but it’s better than breaking down on the freeway.

Be Safe & Ride with Friends

Be Safe & ride with friends

No activity cannot be improved by involving your friends. When a person is with a group of people or even just one other person, they genuinely enjoy spending time with, whatever activity they do together is elevated. Together, you can share moments of joy and happiness, and conquer obstacles easier than if you were alone. Riding motorcycles is no different. Riding with your friends is enjoyable and playful.

How Does High Blood Pressure Affect Riding?

Nothing should keep a rider from the wild and spontaneous world of the open road. Most motorcycle riders do anything they can to keep their motorcycle in pristine condition so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. They change the oil, check the tires, test the battery, perform routine maintenance checks every three months or so, wipe off all of the dirt and grime from the surface from their beautiful chrome bikes daily.

Would you say thicker and coarser leather is better suited for riding?

Would you say thicker and coarser leather is better suited for riding

A beautiful, well-made leather jacket is an absolute asset to any motorcycle rider. There are only a few pieces of clothing in the world that evoke as much emotion and imagination as the motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle jacket embodies the spirit of rebellion, adventure, and spontaneity. If anyone were to see a character wearing a motorcycle jacket, they would immediately know who the rebel was in the movie. That is how most of the world thinks about leather jackets.

Genuine Leather Biker Jackets: So Much More than Just a Fashion Statement

motorcycle jackets for summer

There’s nothing more attractive or pleasing to the eye than seeing a 30-year-old blond or brunette wear a leather jacket as if it has been their only jacket for the past decade. The leather jacket is an article of clothing that the world has many ideas about. Hundreds of movies and thousands of encounters with real genuine bikers have caused society at large to regard the jacket with a sense of excitement. It is the jacket of the rebel and the wanderer.