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Learn to Spot Blind Spot Before It Is Too Late


No matter what vehicle you use to drive down the road, blind spots are a constant danger. Many vehicles have been destroyed in an accident involving blind spots. Motorcycles, SUVs, Electric vehicles, bicycles, jeeps, minivans, and any other people moving machine with wheels have met their end at a blind spot. What Is A Blind Spot? A blind spot is an area on the road where the driver and passenger cannot see past. For example, you are approaching a four-way intersection and the bushes, trees, and other vegetation is so thick around the road. You cannot see if a pedestrian or a vehicle is approaching from the left or the right. All you can see is the road in front of you. But some blind spots even affect the road in front of you. Winding roads are known for their many many blind spots. It is one of the most important reasons why there are winding road ahead signs. A wise driver or motorcyclist will always slow down on a winding road as they come on the road, as they never know what will be around the next turn or bend as Every Day is a New Journey on a Motorcycle. What Can You Do To Handle Blind Spots Better? First of all, always slow down around a blind spot. If you are approaching an intersection, stay as low as possible even when crossing. Sometimes a blind spot can be so thick, you won’t be able to see what’s on the other roads until you’re in the very middle of the intersection. If you find a blind spot in an area where you live, report it to the local city council or the city government. It is the job of the city government to minimize and reduce blind spots, eradicate them together, or warn approaching pedestrians and vehicles of their existence. If the city government cannot improve or get rid of a blind spot, the city can place more stop signs or road bumps to minimize people speeding. They can also close a road if it is far too dangerous people keep dying. Wear Gear To Prevent Major Injuries If You Are In An Accident Every motorcyclist needs to wear motorcycle gear. It’s as important as wearing a helmet. It would not matter how slowly you approach a blind spot. If you’re not wearing your motorcycle gear and you get into an accident, you could have broken bones and abrasions for weeks. The purpose of motorcycle gear is to protect your skin, limbs, and spine from major damage. If you wear a motorcycle jacket, then your skin will be safe as you slide down the road. It will be your jacket that rips apart from the asphalt and not your skin. Every motorcyclist needs to keep their body covered from head to toe. They should always wear pants like Leather Motorcycle Pants, and a full heavy jacket like a Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. They also need to keep their hands covered, […]

The Quick Off-Road Guide for Beginners


Riding off-road vehicles on uncharted land are exciting and terrifying at the same time. You’ve seen many YouTube videos, Instagram clips, and TikTok videos of amazing off-road adventures, you can’t help but feel like the unpaved road is calling to you. Riding off-road is one of the many activities you can engage in when you are a motorcycle rider. Drivers with automobiles can go off-roading as well, but vehicles are heavy, loud, and far more likely to get stuck in swamps and mud. An off-road motorcycle is light and thin, and a driver can lift their bike out of dangerous situations as long as they lift with their knees and not their back. Many people who dream of off-roading are also scared to do it. When you are off-roading by yourself, you’re more likely to hurt yourself. Since you are alone, no one will come for you. We have some tips that Every Off-Roader Should Know Before Hitting The Dirt. But off-roading alone does not have to be your only option. There are off-roading groups and off-roading clubs you can join. So where can you find off-roading groups and clubs? The simplest way to find motorcycle clubs that go off-roading regularly is on Google. Type “off-roading motorcycle clubs” into Google and include the words “near me.” Google will produce 20 to 30 clubs in less than a second. Also, use the ever-popular website Meetup.com and search through their motorcycle clubs. Send a message to each motorcycle club asking if and when they plan to meet together for an off-roading adventure. Another way to find off-roading enthusiasts is to ask around your motorcycle club. The larger your motorcycle club is, the more likely some off-roaders enjoy taking their bike through dirt roads during the day, evening, and night. Once you have found two or more people to go off-roading with you, you’ll need to know the rules of off-roading. These rules differ slightly from regular motorcycling rules. Ultimately, motorcycle off-roading rules are all about safety, for yourself and your fellow motorcyclists. Here are a few, but not all, rules to follow: When off-roading, wear all of your motorcycle gear. The woods and the desert are not environments where you want to take off your heavy leather motorcycle gear and soak up the sun. Landing in a bush of thorns or a cactus can be more painful than skidding on asphalt. As a basic requirement, you need to wear the following gear: Leather Motorcycle Gloves, a Men’s Leather Biker Vest, or a Men’s Black Leather Biker Jacket. If you don’t have gloves, a jacket, and pants, you’ll be in for a world of hurt and pain when you fall into bushes, bang your knees and shins on rocks, and scrape your fingernails on trees. Luckily, you can have these gear items delivered directly to you when you order from WickedStop.com. You won’t have to put on your regular civilian clothing, drive down to the nearest motorcycle gear store, which is probably overpriced, […]

Beauty, And Safety, Is Experienced Through The Eyes

beauty and safety is experienced through eyes

As a motorcyclist, your site is critical to your safety and the safety of those on your motorcycle and around you on the road. If you don’t have good vision, you should not be on a motorcycle.

Preparing For A Long Distance Ride

preparing for a long distance ride

The anticipation you feel when preparing for a long-distance ride is energizing. Each day you feel the excitement building as the day of departure gets closer and closer. Many motorcyclists are already mentally traveling, especially if they are leaving in two or three days.