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Motorcycle leather pants – the safest alternative for bikers

It’s no secret that jeans are a popular choice of pants. In fact, statistics show they are the single most popular type of pants in the world. Worn by both men and women of all ages and backgrounds, jeans are synonymous with classic style and comfort. They were originally invented more than a century ago, and since then, they’ve only become more popular. But jeans have come a long ways over the years. Now, consumers can choose from a wide variety of jeans, including leather jeans. Leather jeans are exactly what they sound like: jeans are made of leather.  Leather is a durable material that’s made from processed animal hide. While cow’s hide is the most common material used in the construction of leather, other animal hides such as sheep, goat or deer may also be used.  Regardless, the fundamental characteristics of leather is that it’s made of animal hide, boasting a superior level of strength and durability when compared to other textile. Cotton, for instance, is a readily available material that’s frequently used to produce pants, shirts and other garments. The problem with cotton, however, is that it’s susceptible to damage. Whether it’s a cotton shirt, trousers, tank top, etc., it may damage under moderate stress. While leather isn’t immune to such damage, it’s certainly less likely to sustain damage that its cotton counterpart. This is why many people prefer for rugged “outdoor” use as opposed to cotton. Motorcycle pants are usually the piece of gear that the vast majority of riders choose not to wear. That’s because for a long time you were forced to either choose leather pants or a ballistic nylon that would look a little odd. Most people think jeans are enough protection, but that simply is not true. Jeans will get  shredded in just a couple feet of sliding on the pavement and offer no protection at all. Think about it, jeans are cotton, cotton Is very weak. Benefits of choosing leather jeans * leather jeans are designed to withstand the stress of everyday wear. Unless you’ve worn them before, you might be skeptical of whether or not leather jeans can hold up. Well they can – and leather jeans will likely offer you countless years of use without showing any signs of wear. * leather jeans have more “stretch” than traditional jeans. It’s also worth nothing that leather jeans have ability to stretch, more so than traditional jeans. With greater elasticity, you can move and bend without wearing about damaging your leather jeans. * leather jeans offer an exceptional level of comfort. Although rugged and durable, leather jeans are actually incredibly soft and comfortable to wear How to choose leather jeans -Choose leather jeans that are made of genuine, not fake/faux, leather. While it looks similar to the real thing, fake/faux leather lacks the strength, durability and softness of its genuine counterpart -One of the first things to consider when choosing leather pants is the cut. Just like jeans are available in different […]

A perfect leather vest can make your clothing stylish

Often primary emphases are placed on the style and material of leather jackets and pants. Other than this we find people ignoring the quality and the elegance of the rest of the necessary stuff required by the riders. One of the essential requirements is leather motorcycle vests which not only add more style but also offers comfort and warmth. Just like every product makes its own fashion statement, similarly, leather motorcycle vests hold their own class and sophistication. Leather motorcycle vests are available in different types and styles. One has to choose according to the preference as well as the body shape and suitability. So, here we are with some simple shapes and designs that make a perfect leather vest to make your clothing worth watching. Different Styles of Leather Motorcycle Vests: Vests are entirely wrapped around the body and are termed as a protective tool for the riders. Have a look at the following pointers to get to know about the unique styles of Leather Motorcycle Vests. There are mainly three broad styles to follow: The first one is clearly termed as leather motorcycle vests with front pockets and is usually button down. It is cut high at the neck portion. It offers an amazing cozy feeling to the riders while they cruise around. Utility Vest is one of the most liked vest’s styles by men. It comprises several pockets and is specially designed for motorcycle riders. It helps the rider to stay warm with style. Lastly, the vest also comes in V shape design which is typically termed as the western design. Which Type of leather is useful for the Vests? Various factors are to be kept in mind to get the best quality, worth paying vest. But the very first and the most significant step is to have a complete know-how about the hides and the skins. Well, the term “Hides” refers to the pelts of the large animals while considering the term “Skin”; it is associated with the pelts of small animals. Let’s have a look at a few examples: Calf skin: Calf skin is rated as one of the most durable hides. It is a hide of a calf which is extremely soft naturally. It is easy going one. Shear Ling: The dark skin of a sheared sheep is clad with the wool. Shear ling consists of a suede surface on one side whereas the other side is clipped fur surface. Any of the surfaces can be used for clothing. Both are almost equally good in offering a soothing feel. Ostrich skin: The skin of the ostrich is one of the most expensive ones which is usually found in South Africa. The ostrich skin undoubtedly gives a unique look to the leather clothing. Despite it being costly, people are interested in buying it. There are several other skins and hides available in the markets which may include horse hides, cow hides and more. However, whenever getting a vest, first make your mind clear about the […]