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Leather racing jackets – Safety first, things to keep in mind

Racing is a sporting activity that is liked and admired by many but it has so many high-risks involved in it. The activity is very dangerous regardless of being stylish. It is very popular in all countries around the world. One thing you need to know is that at any given time when practicing this activity you may fall from your motorcycle maybe not just once but on several occasions. Therefore, you need to protect yourself when racing so as to avoid injuries by putting on a leather racing jacket. The leather racing jackets are highly recommended because they save the riders from potential injuries in case of fall or accident. Important features of the leather racing jacket The Leather racing jackets have some features that make them preferred by many racers. The leather used in making the racing jackets should be at least one millimeter thick. The thickness of the jacket is always important to the rider as it decides what protection it gives them. They are always designed to be streamlined for high-speed races. Their sleeves are always pre-curved so as to fit with the rider’s hunched racing position on their motorcycle. Also, the leather racing jackets are dropped back. This is important because it helps the wind out especially when the rider wants to lean ahead. Sometimes, there can be high winds that can be a hindrance to the rider and so disturbing because the winds will keep pushing the rider backward. Thus, results in losing the competition. In addition, a leather racing jacket needs to come with stuffing on its back and the chest. Also should have some good semi-rigid padding because this ensures that it is strong enough to give the much-needed protection. Again, since the rider is mostly exposed to the natural elements such as rain, it should be made of waterproof leather so that the rider can use them during rainy seasons without necessarily putting on a raincoat. The function of the leather racing jacket The essential and most important function of a leather racing jacket is to always ensure the safety of the racer or rider. The armor for a rider usually consists of a leather racing jacket, leather chaps, and gloves and not to forget the helmet. Among all of these indicated items, leather racing jackets are the most common ones not only because they protect the rider from cold but also act as a windbreaker. A leather racing jacket ought to have protective armor at the shoulders, backbone, and elbows. Also, it should have some kind of body armor that is either fixed inside the jacket or that is removable. Remember armor comes in different forms, which includes the thick foams, plastic covered compounds or the shock absorbing rubbers. Important factors to consider before buying a leather racing jacket A racer should also consider some important factors before buying just any type of a leather racing jacket. This is important because it will save them the cost of buying so […]