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Leather Racing Jackets, Fashion or Necessity

Everyone knows that leather jackets have always and will for a long time continue to be a fashion staple. From our favourite celebrities to the biker next door, it would seem that everyone fancies a leather jacket. Leather jackets are favoured in fashion not just for their durability but the sophistication it gives the wearer.  In motorcycling spheres, it is worn to provide protection from abrasions in the event of an accident. So where exactly does a leather jacket fit in, the fashion world or the world of motorcyclists? 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Leather Jacket Buy quality. It’s true that in order to buy a quality leather jacket you may have to spend a little more money than you would if you opted for fake leather but real leather has a long life span. Whether your reasons for buying a leather jacket is fashion or motorcycling, always go for quality. Colour: When in doubt, go black. Black leather jackets go with every colour in your wardrobe but you don’t have to be limited to black. Brown leather jackets can also be worn instead of brown. Bikers should choose leather jackets with a reflective material as it can serve to protect against collision with motorists who may not see them driving in the dark. Comfort: Your leather jacket should fit like a glove and you should be comfortable wearing it. There’s no point spending good money to get a leather jacket and feel uncomfortable wearing it. Fitting is even more important when purchasing a leather jacket for cycling. A jacket that fits is less likely to hike up during a slide. Keep the shoulder length in mind as jackets with small shoulder lengths would restrict your movement. On the other hand, a shoulder length that is too big would look uneven on you and can be dangerous for riding. Also, keep in mind that good quality leather usually has higher armholes which allow the arms to move freely. This is specifically for buyers who intend to use their leather jackets for motorcycling. Your motorcycle jacket should have protective padding on the chest, back and arms. The padding on your jacket should also be elastic enough to distribute energy in the event of a crash. Leather jackets do not only protect from abrasion but from harsh weather conditions. Your leather jacket should not only offer you protection from rain (especially if you live in an area where it rains frequently) but breathability. Going for leather jackets with quilted interiors can provide additional warmth when riding in the cold. Length: The length of your jacket can play a major role in comfortability whilst driving. Mid-waist length is an ideal length for bikers as anything longer than this would hike up in your lap and make riding an unnecessarily arduous task.       Types of Leather   There are a variety of hide from which leather is made. Each one has its own characteristic, strengths and drawbacks. The common types […]