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Are Expensive Leather Motorcycle Jackets Really Better Than Low Cost Ones

Whether it’s for recreation or as a means of transportation, every motorcyclist knows the importance of protective gears. Motorcycle safety gears such as helmets, jackets, boots and gloves serve to protect the rider from serious injury in the event of an accident. Jackets are one of the most important motor cycle gears, serving as a protective covering for the shoulder, chest and back and the organs contained therein. What Features Make A Motorcycle Jacket High Quality? Body armour and thickness: When it comes to protective gear, you get what you pay for. Therefore, a cheap jacket is most likely to be of poor quality. Quality motorcycle jackets should have standard body armour padding covering the back, spine, shoulders, elbows and forearm. Low quality jackets are usually made with little to no armour in order to save cost. If safety is of paramount importance to you, then you should go for thick jackets of about 1.5mm. The thicker a jacket, the more likely it is to protect your skin from abrasion in the event of a crash.   Linings and Air vents: Liners are what gives Expensive motorcycle jackets usually have quality linings that keep the rider warm in cold seasons. The lining is often times removable to enable use of the jacket in warmer seasons. Motorcycle jackets usually contain zippered air vents on the chest, shoulder, back and under the arms which allows for airflow inside the gear in order to prevent excessive perspiration and heat exhaustion.   Fitting: Your motorcycle jacket should fit like a second skin without restricting your movement or ability to breathe normally. An overly large jacket will hike up during a slide leaving your skin exposed. An overly tight jacket can cut off blood circulation. It should be comfortable both when you’re standing and sitting.   Seams and Zippers: The seams of your leather jacket should be inside so as to avoid abrasion in the event of an accident. Also, the seams should be overlaid or triple stitched so they do not burst open on impact. The zippers should close and open easily, they should be covered with a flap to protect them from the elements and so they don’t pose an extra risk to the rider in an accident.   Fewer panels: The fewer panels that make up your jacket, the better. Smaller individual panels are likely to burst at the seams in an accident.         Why You Should Buy High Quality Leather Motorcycle Jackets. It makes sense that the fewer features on a jacket, the lesser it will cost. High quality motorcycle leather jackets are usually expensive for a number of reasons such as the features listed above. The following are reasons why you should consider going for high quality jackets. Protection: Although high quality leather is usually more expensive and heavier than low quality leather, it is made with the rider’s safety in mind. Visibility plays an important role in a rider’s safety as motorists may fail to notice motorcycles in […]