Can A Hot Drink Stay Hot After A Long Ride?


Even brand new riders who have been riding their motorcycles for a week know the pain of a hot drink turning into a cold drink. They place their favorite hot drink in a thermos, go for a 2-hour ride, and then stop for a drink, believing their delicious drink is still piping hot.

It is only when they feel the now-cold liquid hit their tongue that their hopes are dashed to pieces. They now have nothing to drink but the cold liquid. They will stand still in their motorcycle rain gear and wonder where they went wrong.

Sure, there are worse things in the world than a delicious hot drink that is now cold. But we’re not talking about the worst things that have ever happened. We’re just talking about the small little inconveniences that make the day just a little bit worse than yesterday.


So are all motorcyclists doomed to drink lukewarm or cold drinks? Do we have to wait for the future to finally arrive for drinks to stay hot oh, no matter how long we ride?

If you upgrade your thermos to one that is made with better material or you decide to invest in a battery-powered cup that can reheat beverages, your days of cold beverages are as good as gone.

What Kinds Of Beverage Containers Keep Liquids Warm?

There are now two types of beverage containers that keep liquids warm; they are heavy-duty insulated thermoses and battery-powered containers.

If you want a regular thermos that really can keep liquids hot for hours, look for one that is insulated and feels heavy.

But if you are willing to try something different, then we suggest a battery-operated thermos. It may cost more than a regular thermos, but the ability to warm up a beverage when you’re miles away from a microwave or stove is priceless.

All it will take for you to realize that you should have purchased a battery-powered retainer before wrapping your leather motorcycle gloves around the container and taking a drink of piping hot coffee or hot chocolate glass standing in 10-degree weather.

So when you have the time, buy yourself a high-end thermos that will keep your liquids warm for up to 8 hours. Your longest rides will be so much better with a hot beverage by your side. But before you leave on your next great adventure, be sure to purchase all of the motorcycle gear you need to keep yourself safe and warm. If you’re traveling through cold weather like rain or snow, your hot beverage won’t be the only thing that needs protection from the cold. Do not forget that hot beverages help you Stay Fit While Riding.

motorcycle Beverage

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