Celebrity Motorcyclist? Did You Know This?


Have you ever thought about celebrities who ride motorcycles, and if so, do you know them all? There are so many celebrities who ride motorcycles, and they are actually very good riders too. There are few who are just posers but in our list of celebrities who ride motorcycles all of them are actually great riders. If you also ride a motorcycle, you must know there is a need for extensive safety while riding. All these celebrities use proper riding gear to keep them safe while riding. There are many important things to take care of when you select a motorcycle safety gear which includes a helmet, leather pants, special boots, hand gloves, and so much more. An ordinary quality safety gear is not good for professional bikers. If you are a biker, then you must get top quality gear like motorcycle mesh jackets, waterproof motorcycle pants for men and high-quality gloves and helmet.

Check the list of top celebrities who ride motorcycles!

Keanu Reeves

One of the most famous and rising star celebrity of Hollywood is Keanu Reeves. He is most famous for his work in movies like Matrix and John wick. This Hollywood superstar is a great rider too. He wears casual clothes and lives in a modest home, but on the other hand, he is a great rider too. Keanu rides top tier motorcycles, and you will find it interesting, he also wears top tier motorcycle safety gear like summer men motorcycle jackets, men motorcycle mesh pants, safety gloves and special boots etc. Keanu is our beloved rider, and he doesn’t need a limo anymore.


Kurt Sutter

Next on our list of celebrity motorcycle riders is none other than Kurt Sutter. He is the man behind the top badass TV show in Hollywood. He is the creator and producer of Sons of Anarchy. While being best in his field he is also a very good rider. He has a passion for riding motorcycles, and he has a great reputation for being a good rider too. While creating many masterpieces for Hollywood this actor never stops riding motorcycles and you can see him on riding bikes with all safety gears on many occasions. What you need to notice is his enthusiasm for riding which is shown in the proper gear he wears while he rides for example, motorcycle mesh jackets, helmet, waterproof motorcycle pants etc.


Charlie Hunnam

Let’s talk about the Sons of Anarchy. Do you remember Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam? Charlie is also one of the actual bike riders in Hollywood and not just a poser. In an interview, Charlie said, “I ride the same bike that I rode on Sons,”. You can understand his passion for riding from his statement. While he is a passionate bike rider, he also takes good care of safety when he rides which includes using proper gear like motorcycle mesh jackets, helmet, special boots and all other safety gear. In one occasion you can see him wearing summer men motorcycle jackets.


Norman Reedus

Here comes the walking dead superstar Norman Reedus in this list. He is not just famous for killing zombies in the famous TV serial walking dead he is also famous for his passion for motorcycle riding. When he is not shooting for the season he is always riding. It is a part of his identity in Hollywood. Fans of Norman can see him riding all kinds of motorcycles while wearing proper safety gear like waterproof motorcycle pants for men, motorcycle mesh jackets, motorcycle boots and helmet.


Ewan McGregor

This Scottish actor is famous for his collection of amazing motorcycles and safety gears. His passion for bikes can be seen in his mini-series named as ‘’Long Way Round’’ which featured him riding a motorcycle around the world in a three-month trip. He said, “I’ve never gotten over motorbikes since the first time I rode one,” and also said, “Whether it’s just dawdling along enjoying the view or having your heart in your mouth on every corner, it certainly beats the hell out of jumping in a car.”

This legend can be seen riding so many motorcycles but what is common in all those riding occasions is his proper safety gear. He always takes care of motorcycle safety gear whether it is wearing summer men motorcycle jackets or men motorcycle mesh pants he will always be seen in proper safety gear.


We can see the need for you to get all these amazing safety gear used by these celebrities and Wicked Stock is the only place where you can get all these. You need the safety gear for safely riding your motorcycle and we have them all.

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Keep Riding!!

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