Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket Waterproof Review

You ride a motorcycle as close to year-round as possible. In the southern states of the U. S., you can ride all year long. However, in the more northern states, you can ride most of the year except when the roads are iced up. Ice and motorcycles are not a good thing until the ice forces you to park your MC, and there you want a good all weather jacket. Therefore, the Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket Waterproof is the smart choice for all season riding.


Cordova Textile Motorcycle Jackets are made with abrasion resistant 600Denier Polyester with the elegant and classic white double stitching design. This jacket comes with exterior polycarbonate shoulder armor for that high-tech CE certified protection.

There are 5 pieces of CE certified armor to protect your back, shoulders, and elbows housed in pockets for easy removal. All 5 pieces are EN 1621-1 compliant.

Style with Comfort 

There is a 100% waterproof liner that can be zipped out and works as a perfect rain jacket. To keep you fresh on warm rides there is a vent system with two intake vents on the front and two exhaust vents on the back.

An excellent feature for this 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket are zippered hand warmer pockets right and left, waist high. Another chest high zippered pocket on the right side for added convenience.

The sleeves of this jacket feature a zippered vent lengthwise on the inside both right and left. The cuffs offer a down the sleeve zippered adjustment and for that snug fit the wrists have velcro straps that adjust.


Inside this Textile Motorcycle Jacket are more features for your comfort. Inside this jacket, there are four loops to hold the jacket from riding up.

The inside of this jacket is lined with mesh to keep you fresh in warm weather. Located in the left inseam of this jacket is a Napoleon pocket for keeping wallets, cell phones, etc. safe and close.

Features liked by those who reviewed the Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket are:

  • Vented shoulder cap.
  • Zipper on the lower back of the jacket to connect to riding pants.
  • Double white stitching is a real eye-catcher.

That’s A Wrap

The Cordova Four Season Textile Jacket Waterproof is a great choice when choosing an all-season motorcycle jacket.

Air vents scattered all over the jacket is a plus for keeping cool while riding in warm or hot weather. Don’t forget to hop onto to purchase these Motorcycle racing jackets online.

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