Do Blood Thinners Affect Motorcycle Riding?

Do Blood Thinners Affect Motorcycle Riding

When someone rides a motorcycle for a long time, they get used to it and they never truly want to go back to driving an automobile full-time. Sure, they’ll get into a car from time to time. But they feel much more at ease when they’re on the back of their motorcycle.

But what if their doctor called them up one day and said that they had to take a new medication? They are likely to take their medicine, as most people don’t actively try to hurt themselves and destroy their health.

But one of the questions they would have for the doctor is if taking blood thinners would affect their riding skills? If the doctor were to answer yes, would they still want to take that medication?

Some motorcycle riders are so devoted to their motorcycles that they would not take any medication that would affect their driving. To them, motorcycle riding is more important to them than anything else in the world. It is not just a vehicle that they drive, it is their life.

Blood Thinners Affect Motorcycle Riding

When they put on their motorcycle riding gloves, slip on their waterproof motorcycle pants, and place their mens motorcycle vest on their shoulders, it’s like they’re dressing up for a journey. All they need is some biker vest patches on their vest and they not only look the part of the motorcycle rider; they become part of the motorcycle. But all above, you should know What Not To Wear When Riding?

So it would be safe to assume that someone who is this dedicated to riding will not take any medication that affects their ability to maneuver their motorcycle. However, not taking blood thinners drastically increases a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

Luckily, taking blood thinners is unlikely to affect motorcycle riding or automobile driving. If you are reading this page because your doctor has prescribed blood thinners for you, then let your doctor know about your concerns. They have access to medical knowledge and studies that can put your fears at ease and answer all of your questions.


How to prevent taking blood thinners?

Over 25% of all motorcycle riders are 50 years old and above. At this age, they are likely to develop a few health issues whether they rode a motorcycle or not. So how can an older motorcycle rider improve their health so they won’t have to get on blood thinners or get off the blood thinners that they’re on now?

The answer is a lifestyle change! Getting more exercise, eating healthier foods that have less sugar and grease, and getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night are likely to improve your health, no matter what ails you.

The reason most people get on blood thinners is because of a sedentary lifestyle and a terrible diet. But if you are truly dedicated to getting off of blood thinners, increase the amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet, remove a lot of fried food and fast food, and engage in vigorous exercise to the point where your heart rate goes up to 70%.

You can also tell your doctor that you would like to develop a plan to get off of blood thinners. And if you improve your diet and lifestyle, you may be able to protect yourself from the worst diseases that may occur in the future.

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