Do I Need Gear If I’m Riding Close to Home?

Do I Need Gear If I'm Riding Close to Home

It’s not that we don’t like our riding gear, but it is a pain to change into a new outfit every time we need to get on our motorcycle so we can head over to the nearby 7-Eleven or liquor store.

Do we have to wear all of our motorcycle gear every single time we step out of the house and jump onto the back of a motorcycle? Surely there have to be a few exceptions where we can ride a motorcycle in a tank top, right?

I mean, we are going to wear tennis shoes. It’s not like we’re going to ride a motorcycle wearing flip-flops. Now that would be dumb. So it’s probably fine if we wear regular clothes and maybe a motorcycle riding jacket or your leather biker vest when we ride down the street for just a few blocks. We don’t need ALL of our gear.

How dangerous can that be?

It should be perfectly fine and acceptable to wear regular clothes if we’re driving within a mile from our house, right?

Drivers tell themselves a version of this lie too. It doesn’t involve any gear, so they don’t need any. But some drivers tell themselves, “I don’t need to take my car into the shop since I only drive close to my home. The check engine light is on, but it should be fine.”

Then, three weeks later, their car is not fine.

The car starts to smoke as the rider reaches 70 miles on the freeway.

Now just wait for a second, you may say. I’m not ignoring the health of my motorcycle. All I’m doing is not wearing an outfit as I ride a mile or two from my house.

That is true. But let me ask you this. What would you think if you heard that a car or truck driver didn’t wear their seatbelt if they were only driving a mile or two from their home? Because what you are essentially doing is not wearing their seatbelt.

The seatbelt is designed to protect you from accidents, and so is your motorcycle gear. Many of you should also know why and How Motorcycle Protective Gear Is Made? So if you are not wearing your motorcycle racing pants or your motorcycle riding gloves when you are driving, your torso or your hands could be more injured than if you were wearing those items during the accident.

A seat belt doesn’t completely protect a driver from every injury, but wearing it is the difference between getting whiplash or smashing through the front car window with their own body and lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. I think they would all choose the whiplash in this case.

So you have a problem, and that problem is not wanting to wear your gear while riding to a close location to your home. So then I have two solutions for you.

Since the destination is only one or two blocks away, try walking instead of riding your motorcycle unprotected. Walking is much better for you than sitting, and it will give you time to clear your head and consider why you didn’t want to wear your gear.


Do you need a break from motorcycle riding? Are you considering getting a car? Things are questions you can ask yourself while on your walk.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can always take an Uber or Lyft. By taking one of these car riding services, you don’t have to drive or walk. All you need to do is show up on time and sit in the back of the vehicle while listening to some music.

Perhaps you don’t want to wear your motorcycle gear because it’s wearing out and it looks bragging. In this case, there’s a simple solution. You can go to and buy high-quality gear at budget prices. Then, head over to their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to check out their latest fashions and new arrivals. And if you’re waiting for a sale, you’ll be happy to know that they have a sale nearly every season.

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