Does Every Motorcyclist Need Knee Guards?

Does Every Motorcyclist Need Knee Guards

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more important than the health of your knees. Few injuries negatively impact an athlete’s career, like a knee injury. Ashley can ignore shoulder issues and spinal injuries therapy and medication, but a knee issue will remove them from the court or the field for weeks on end. Every single person should take care of their knees.

Knee pain is a major issue as all adults grow older, so caring for your knees while you’re young and healthy is the best way to maintain them when you hit your golden years.

So, caring for your knee should be a priority if you are a motorcyclist.


Not to mention the unbelievable pain you will have to deal with if you are in a motorcycle accident. When you’re in an accident, your clothes, like your motorcycle racing pants or your men’s textile motorcycle pants, will get shredded by the asphalt, but your skin will be safe. Because Motorcycle leather pants are the safest alternative for bikers. But, knee guards will do the same for your knees.

What are the Benefits of Using Knee Guards as a Motorcycle Rider?

There are many benefits to wearing knee guards if you ride motorcycles. But motorcyclists don’t feel like they need knee guards unless they have pre-existing knee issues, or they believe that wearing leotards will cause even worse injuries to your femur and me when you crash.

Knee Gaurds Myths

Some motorcyclists do not want to wear knee guards because they don’t want to buy other gear for their motorcycle lifestyle. This concern is relatable. Motorcycling is for people who are broke or don’t know how to manage money. Sure, you can skip all the important equipment and just wear a helmet and save your excess money to put gas in the tank, but not wearing proper protective attire is foolish and irresponsible. Irresponsible people pay a much higher price in cash and blood than those who are responsible.

Some other myths about knee guards that persist in the motorcycling community are that knee guards restrict the movement of your legs and knees, which makes maneuvering your motorcycle much harder.

But restricted knees only last for a few days. So if you regularly wear knee guards, they will conform to your body in no time.


Size Matters

If your knee guards don’t fit, it is because you accidentally purchased the wrong size.

However, all of these reasons why a person who rides motorcycles should not knee guards are false. Knee guards can protect you in the event of a crash. Also, knee guards can help with the stability of your legs, especially if you have a very long ride ahead of you.

If you purchase a pair of knee guards and find that they are far too loose, return them to the store and get one that fits well around your knees. Remember, just like football playing here or soccer gear, the right knee guards should feel like they are not on your body at all. A knee guard should blend in with the rest of your body and fit so well that you forget that you’re even wearing it.

If you are having trouble finding fit guards, check a knee guard sizing chart and measure the circumference around your knee and your side. If you visit a Wicked Stock store, the employees will be able to do that for you.

How Much??

But finding a pair of knee guards is not difficult for most people. However, what is difficult is finding even more cash to put down for another piece of motorcycle gear. Now, that kind of issue we understand. But knee guards should not cost $100 or more. There are many high-quality knee guards that you can find, around 50 to $70.

So now that you know about the myths of wearing knee guards and all of the benefits of wearing a pair, where should you buy them from? You should buy them from

These prices are so low, you’ll be able to replace all of your old and worn-out gear and still have money left over! So when you buy a pair of knee guards, check out their selection of leather motorcycle jackets and motorcycle riding gloves. has regularly scheduled sales, so you will get great deals all the time!

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