Fuel Your Bike And Fuel Your Body!

Fuel Your Bike And Fuel Your Body!

There’s nothing better than a delicious hot bowl of beef stew with a pile of mashed potatoes and a buttery biscuit. Unfortunately, such amazing meals aren’t found very often on the road, unless you happen to make your way to a 50+year-old diner. No, when you think about it, motorcyclists and riders who spend hours out on the road every year have a pretty terrible diet.

Unless they happen to travel in a motorcycle caravan that also loves to camp and barbecue, the daily meal of the motorcyclists’ day is a cup of black coffee, a Slim Jim, or an energy drink. And don’t forget the mountains of junk food like chips, ice cream, sketchy hot dogs, gas station sushi, or hot and ready breakfast biscuits that are available at nearly every major road stop.


Sure, a motorcycle rider can try to eat the healthy options available at fast-food restaurants, but most would rather starve than eat a McDonald’s salad. And I can’t blame them for that attitude.

But if a motorcycle rider doesn’t watch what they eat, they can quickly grow out of their favorite
men’s leather biker pants
and a leather motorcycle jacket.

So to stay in shape and avoid developing a classic beer belly that many older motorcyclists have.

What Can A Motorcycle Rider Eat And Drink?

Complete Meal Bars

Not quite protein bars and not quite cookies, a complete protein bar has fat, sugar, protein, and carbohydrates together and one simple to eat food. Complete meal bars tend to be much higher in calories than protein bars, as they are meant to be a complete knee replacement and not a snack.

Complete meal bars are great because you can take them anywhere they don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked. However, their only downside is that they are small, even for a meal replacement. So you may want to pair it with some boiled eggs or even a couple of slices of beef jerky.


Water Flavors

Drinking boring bottled water during a 500 Mile drive is just boring, it is enough to make motorcycle riders drink energy drinks and coffee drinks instead. You can always choose to drink sparkling water or even unsweetened iced tea. Honestly, I would rather drink the fluids from inside my eyeball after I pluck it out with a fork than drink unsweetened iced tea. That may sound a little bit dramatic but I’m completely right. Anyone who drinks unsweetened iced tea probably has a few bodies buried in their basement.

Diet drinks are always a good alternative and there’s a much wider variety in most gas stations and fast-food establishments than ever before. However, they do have a lot of caffeine which won’t feel good running through your system on a hot summer day.

If you can get your hands on instant water flavorings, you can open yourself up to a whole new world of delicious water. There are a lot of flavors like strawberry, grape, mango, and other types of fruits. Most water flavors are only five calories or less, so they definitely will not pack the caloric punch that sodas do.

So, these are just a few foods and drink substitutes you can use when you’re out on the road so you can remain full, hydrated, and healthy. Remember, too much bad food over a long time means you won’t be able to fit into your motorcycle rain suit and maybe even your men’s black leather gloves!

And yes, don’t forget to add Michelin Star Restaurants to Your Motorcycle Tour.

But before you decide to get on the road again and have a big road trip, be sure to purchase the right gear you need to keep you safe in the event of an accident. You should also buy yourself a brown jacket to protect your hands and arms and shoulders from the heat of the Sun.

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