Genuine Leather Biker Jackets: So Much More than Just a Fashion Statement

motorcycle jackets for summer

There’s nothing more attractive or pleasing to the eye than seeing a 30-year-old blond or brunette wear a leather jacket as if it has been their only jacket for the past decade. The leather jacket is an article of clothing that the world has many ideas about. Hundreds of movies and thousands of encounters with real genuine bikers have caused society at large to regard the jacket with a sense of excitement. It is the jacket of the rebel and the wanderer.

To us, the most important aspect of the leather jacket is that not everyone looks good in it. The average Joe cannot just purchase a leather jacket off the rack at some leather store and be completely transformed just by wearing it. Because of the nature of leather, the leather jacket must take its time and slowly meld to the body shape of its owner. So, anyone who looks good in a leather jacket has done the legwork and the time to grow with your jacket. For example, in 2019, we collected the Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets for summer and we are going to bring a list of latest fashion trends for you soon!

But there’s something that most people don’t know about leather: there are two kinds of leather motorcycle jacket. There is a leather jacket that is used in fashion and movies and there is a genuine leather biker jacket.

If you’re not someone who rides a motorcycle and you just stumbled onto this article, then you are surprised. Most people believe that there is just one type of leather jacket. But that’s not true at all. Believe it or not, the leather jacket that is usually worn by the handsome or sexy Rebel in movies and TV shows is not the right little jacket that motorcyclists wear.


So, what are the main differences between a leather jacket that is used just for fashion and a genuine leather biker jacket that is used by motorcyclists around the world? There are a few key differences, but they can transform the jacket greatly. 

First of all, you can’t just wear a fashionable leather jacket when you’re on a motorcycle. It will not protect you in the event of a crash. A normal leather jacket doesn’t have any of the armor or safety guards that are so important in a jacket created to protect the motorcycle rider.

Secondly, a genuine leather jacket uses a different type of leather than the fashion version. Since the motorcycle rider is going to be zipping through 60 to 80 miles per hour winds and hours of sun on their back, the leather motorcycle jacket needs to be able to handle the constant threats from the elements. So, a jacket made for riding a motorcycle must be made from thick leather while a fashion leather jacket can be made from thin leather.

The same type of leather in genuine leather biker jackets must also be used in men’s leather biker pants and leather motorcycle gloves. 

The leather must be thick enough to hold armor and withstand environmental damage. So, you can’t just buy a leather biker vest without judging the thickness of its fabric first. This is why it is so important to purchase motorcycle clothing from stores that specifically cater to motorcycle riders.

So, if you are wearing a leather jacket that you purchased from a non-motorcycle clothing store, you are seriously endangering your life. That jacket will not be able to protect you if you crash. Plus, it will wear out quickly as it is not made to withstand wind and sun. So, you need a real leather jacket made for a motorcycle rider.

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