Get Off The Beaten Path!

Get Off The Beaten Path!

The world of motorcycling is never-ending and always evolving. Once a motorcyclist finally gets used to riding on roads, streets, and freeways, they can start branching out into different subsections of the motorcycle riding world.

There are so many options and pathways in the world of motorcycling. The world is ready and waiting. But you have to take the first steps and prepare yourself.

One of the most popular sports in the motorcycling world is off-roading. Motorcycling may take you on the road and away from normality, but off-roading truly separates the street rider from the adventurist.


So if you’ve been thinking of venturing into the world of off-roading, there are a few things that Every Off-Roader Should Know Before Hitting The Dirt.

First, you need to find an off-roading group. Since you are new to off-roading, shopping in a group is the best way to learn from others and they keep you safe. If you go off on your own as a beginner, there won’t be anyone dating you and teaching you the off-roading basics. Plus if you get hurt, no one will know where you are.

Secondly, you can prepare for off-roading by renting an off-road bike. You shouldn’t take your heavy motorcycle to an off-roading area. Most motorcycles are not made for off-roading and you could end up destroying your motorcycle.

You can always ask to borrow your friend’s off-road bike as long as you keep it safe. Make sure to tell them that you are a beginner so they won’t be surprised if it comes back a bit more scratched up than when it left.

The third way you can prepare to become an off-roading expert in no time is by practicing holding your feet firmly inside the footpegs. Your foot should never be extended and the balls of your feet should not be in your bike’s instep.

When you place your body in the correct position for off-roading, you’ll be able to maneuver through the choppy uneven ground at a more stable pace.


But before you get on the back of your ride, you have to wear the right protective gear to keep you safe in the event of an accident. You should always assume that every vehicle driver and motorcycle rider around you are a complete moron. This mindset will keep safe and alert. Here are a few of the most important pieces of motorcycle gear that every motorcyclist has to wear:

  • Mens leather bike pantswearing the proper pants will allow your legs to breathe during long rides. Plus, a good pair of pants will keep you from developing severe abrasions if you are thrown from your motorcycle and onto the floor.
  • Motorcycle rain suitstaying warm and dry in the rain will keep you from getting sick or developing bronchitis.
  • Leather motorcycle gloves – wearing leather gloves will keep your hands safe from the elements and the constant Sun. Plus, you’ll have a better grip to hold onto the handlebars of your motorcycle.
  • Brown leather motorcycle jacket – leather motorcycle jackets and make anybody look cool. This is a fact of life. Your coolness Factor Rises significantly the second you sleep on that jacket. But wearing a motorcycle jacket protects you from the elements, just like wearing motorcycle gloves will keep your hands safe from the sun.

Before you go off-roading, you need to wear the right gear so you’ll protect yourself in the event of a crash. Off-roading is more dangerous than regular motorcycle riding, so you should assume that you were going to crash at some point. Check out The Ultimate Guide for Picking the Right Adventure and Off-Road Gear.

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