Get Your Motorcycle Gear Organized

Get Your Motorcycle Gear Organized copy

Let’s be real about the cost of motorcycle gear; it is expensive and replacing the most expensive piece of gear usually must be done at the most inconvenient time. Since motorcycle gear is so expensive, people who own even one piece of gear take good care of their clothing as they don’t want to replace it anytime soon. People who take really good care of their gear will wash and wipe it down regularly, apply a leather coating if possible, and keep it out of the sun. if you don’t follow this routine, you must know How to Take Care of Your Leathers.

Yes, they will treat their gear well, until it is time to hang up their gear in the closet and store it away. Many people, not just motorcyclists, dislike hanging up their gear and putting it away properly. Most people will leave all of their gear in a pile on their bed, couch, or chair. People also do this with their fresh pile of laundry, so we think the problem comes from a dislike of clothing and the time it takes to fold or hang it.


But leaving your motorcycle gear rumpled on the couch is no way to care for your gear or any of your clothes. So I think it is time to rid yourself of the negative mindset of leaving the gear in a pile and place all of your gear on hangers in the drawers like they should be stored.


So what two items should you invest in to store your gear?

Clothing bags

If you are storing your textile motorcycle pants or your motorcycle rain gear away for several months, You can’t just leave them in the back of a closet. They need to be stored away and protected from the changing weather.  storing your gear in clothing bags will not only keep the dust off of them, but it will keep moths and humidity away that find their way into the house or apartment.

Wide Hangers

Protecting the structure of your motorcycle jackets is key to making them last as long as possible. When you place your thick heavy jackets on hangers that have really thin shoulders, it can stretch the fabric in the shoulder area. Wide hangers will protect the fabric around the shoulders and won’t cause any stretching or tearing. Plus, your closet will look better with a wide hanger.

Now that you know how to keep your gear organized, you don’t have to wear a wrinkled motorcycle leather jacket or your mens leather motorcycle pants in a sad little pile on the floor. You know how to keep every piece in the right area and store them so they are neat and clean.

But what if you are organizing your gear and putting it away properly when you see that your favorite mens black leather biker jacket has several holes? Well, that means it is time to get a new jacket.

But where can you get an affordable but high-quality jacket quickly especially on a limited budget? It always seems like the best equipment is always out of your price range. If you feel like you don’t have the money for good gear, then the next website you should shop for your motorcycle gear is

When you buy from Wicked Stock, all of the best gear on the site is in your price range and the price might even be lower than you think. They always have a sale going on and you can check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to see how other motorcyclists are wearing their gear. So if you want motorcycle gear that can protect you from crashes as well as the wind, sun, and rain, Wicked Stock is the site for you.

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