Happiness on a Motorcycle – How Long can it Last if You Don’t Wear Gear?

Happiness on a Motorcyc

The amount of happiness in a person’s life is important to them. While it is impossible to have a life that contains only happiness and absolutely no sadness, most humans do their best to make their day better unless they are suffering from PTSD, depression, or some other chronic mental disease.

But that is not their fault. Those who are depressed or suffering from a mental issue should not be told that they should just look on the bright side. They also should not look at messages of unwavering positivity. Oftentimes, when a depressed person scrolls on a social media feed and is bombarded with positive happy messages, it makes them feel worse.

But happiness is a state that all humans strive for in their life. And one way people boost the amount of happiness in their lives by pursuing passions and hobbies. For us, motorcycle riding is our passion, and we love it dearly. There is nothing that makes us happier than jumping on the back of our motorcycle and riding down the open road at dawn.


What Does Happen to Your Happiness?

If you don’t wear your proper gear, the happiness in your life will quickly drop, depending on the circumstances.

When a person who rides motorcycles does not wear the appropriate gear, they will encounter several issues and their good mood and happiness will take a hit. Before selecting any gear one should know What Not to Wear When Riding?

Without the proper gear for your hands, like a pair of leather motorcycle gloves, your hands will chap, rip, and blister, and you will be in pain until they heal.

If you are riding down the road and it starts to rain but you do not have motorcycle rain gear or a motorcycle rain suit, your clothes and your backpack will quickly soak and be miserable until you can return to your home or your motel and change your clothes.

But, by far, the most significant event that will reduce your happiness in your life on and off the motorcycle is if you are in an accident while you are not wearing the right gear.

Motorcycle gear is designed to protect your spine and organs from excessive damage. This does not mean that you are 100% protected while you are wearing motorcycle gear, but you’ll be far more protected than if you wore a plain unarmored motorcycle riding jacket. 

So, if you are not wearing the right type of gear, like motorcycle jackets with armor, you could end up with injuries that are far worse than if you were properly protected. So, you should never compromise your health and safety. Motorcycle gear is important so please take it seriously.


But we know that most responsible motorcycle owners do not have to be convinced to purchase motorcycle gear. Gear is already something motorcyclists know all about. The biggest issue that motorcycle riders have when it comes to motorcycle gear is the cost.

As you may suspect, all motorcycle riders would love to have the best gear so they can look stylish and be safe while they’re on the road. But the best gear usually has a very high price and not everyone has the cash to spend. So, what does a motorcycle rider need to do to buy premium quality motorcycle gear that will not drain their bank accounts? Well, the answer is simple. All we need to do is go to Wickedstock.com.

Wickedstock.com has all types of well-made motorcycle gear at inexpensive prices. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it on sale at Wickedstock.com. If you are interested, head over to their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or their website to see what the store can offer you!

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