Having a Bad Day? Your Motorcycle Always Makes Your Day!


Living in the world can be difficult, especially in these tiring and troubling times. I can’t remember the last time I hung out with all of my friends, and it’s not for lack of trying. We are all so busy. We all have bills to pay, errands to run, and people to help. Many of us can’t remember our last true day off where we had nothing to do. Many people also feel like their lives have become monotonous and completely scheduled.

It is no wonder why depression, general sadness, and anxiety are on the rise everywhere in the world. We don’t have time for ourselves anymore. And when we do get extra time, we dedicate that time to working even more because the society we live in does not like it when we are not productive.

But all of our worries, troubles, and anxieties melt away the moment we see our motorcycle on the side of our house or in the parking lot in our apartment building.

What is it about the motorcycle that fills us with the spelling of euphoria and adventure? It must be the wind in our hair that we have come accustomed to as we speed down an empty road with no true destination in sight.
I know that when I get anxious or I feel cooped up in the house, a motorcycle ride can always relax me. Driving around other people may be a drag since everyone’s driving skills deteriorated during the pandemic.

But feeling the vibrations underneath me as I strap on my motorcycle gloves empowers me and arouses new energy in my soul that wasn’t there before.

Sometimes when I’m trying to fall asleep, I’ll close my eyes and imagine I’m back on my motorcycle.

When I am stressed out, and I can’t leave the house for too long, I’ll just ride around in the middle of the night and watch the world as it sleeps. At red lights and stop signs, I’ll look around and observe all the homes, apartments, trees, fields, parks, and buildings.

It helps me get a sense of where I am and where I’m going. And I know that when I come to a stop, I’ll refuel my motorcycle and get back on the road. But do not forget to read our Motorcycle Safety and Fun Tips before you go ride.


We jump on the back of our motorcycles to escape from the world and all that it requires of us. But we cannot escape from terrible drivers and automotive collisions. If someone hits us from the back or slams into us while they run a red light, we need to protect our bodies.

What are the most important motorcycle gear items? Here is a small list of ‌essential items that you should never ride without:

These items are essential to your trip and your safety. But we don’t want to have any extra expenses, especially when we were planning a vacation or getaway. So, you may not want to buy expensive motorcycle clothes right before your big trip.

But shopping at WickedStock.com for your motorcycle armor gear won’t destroy your vacation budget at all. Their clothes are always high quality. The only thing that’s cheap at WickedStock.com is‌ their prices.

This website has everything you need to have a safe journey to the grocery store or on your thousand-mile road trip.

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