How Long Does Specific Motorcycle Gear Last?


Because of the harsh conditions they must perform under, all motorcycle gear has to be made of strong and hardy material. The average piece of clothing or equipment wears out faster than equivalent, non-motorcycle gear. But most riders don’t realize that their gear must be maintained and replaced regularly so they can be protected while driving.

Now, you won’t have to replace your gear every few months, so your wallet won’t take a beating. But it is important to know when you should replace your gloves or helmet or motorcycle jacket, so you can save your money and not have to burden yourself with a large purchase suddenly.


When to Replace a Motorcycle Helmet?

A motorcycle helmet is one of the hardier pieces of gear you will buy, so you won’t have to replace it for about five years. Now, this five-year mark does not consider cracks in the windshield or the dome part that shows the layers beneath the surface. It only considers sweat and weakening cushion glue. If a piece of your helmet is missing, no matter how old it is, you need to replace it right away.

A helmet crack usually happens after a significant motorcycle crash, and not because you dropped it, or it fell off a shelf. If a break develops after you drop it, the helmet is defective, and you call the manufacturer and ask for a refund right away. After you buy a helmet, you should also add switch your jacket out and buy a brown leather motorcycle jacket.


When to Replace Your Jacket?

There are two main types of motorcycle jacket materials riders wear: leather and fabric. Each type has its unique features that keep riders safe and protected from the elements. Within each jacket, there are two parts that you should watch for damage: the armor underneath the jacket and the outer lining itself.

The armor is damaged when you are in a crash or if you ride very often. When you go to check the armor, there should be very minimal bending. The armor should stay straight, rigid, and flat. The average jacket lasts about seven years, depending on how often you ride.

The outer layer of material wears away naturally because it protects you from the wind, rain, and sun. So, it absorbs the elements and slowly accumulates damage. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain or drizzle, you need to buy a motorcycle rain suit, which is an entire suit that is a jacket attached to rainproof pants. You will be protected from the rain from head to toe.


When Should I Replace My Gloves?

Gloves are in constant contact with handlebars and surfaces, so they do wear out over time. On average, gloves last around 20k miles or about two years, whichever comes first. The most common sign of gloves deteriorating is that the groves and bumps on the glove become flattened, almost as if they were sanded down. If you need to buy a new pair of gloves, then you should look into obtaining motorcycle riding gloves.

These types of gloves have traction and grip onto the palms so controlling the handlebars of a motorcycle is easier. You can operate your ride without struggling or getting tired while steering and maneuvering. Another type of glove that you can replace your current pair with is a men’s black leather gloves. The leather is comfortable and will last a long time.

If you’ve read this article and you realized that you’re in desperate need of new gear, then don’t hesitate or wait for another day. Come on over to to buy great, long-lasting equipment that is both high-quality and built to protect you when you need it the most. 

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