How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own?



You never forget the first motorcycle jacket that you buy. It is the part of becoming a motorcyclist that is a special moment, when you put on your road armor and ride into the sunset. While researching the endless number of jackets you can choose from such as winter motorcycle jackets, textile motorcycle jackets, and even the all-time classic leather motorcycle jacket you’ll find that they all have pros and cons. Some are better than others when dealing with certain riding conditions and weather. The other big factor is what style you’re after, no point in having a sweet ride if you can’t rock the looks. So, the question is, if you want one jacket but like the makings of another- is it worth buying both?

The short answer is yes. Environments change, trends change, and so do people. You could find yourself totally digging your mesh motorcycle jacket but realize that it may not be the best option for the biome you live in depending on weather or temperature. This is because the mesh style jacket has been designed for warm weather. It lets air flow around your body and helps to keep you cool. If you are hitting the frosty climate then try our leather motorcycle jackets. This doesn’t mean you can’t rock your mesh motorcycle jacket, it would just be a good idea to keep a second jacket around more built for the area you’re riding in. Our four-season motorcycle jackets would be very enticing choice. Let’s be honest we all have more than one shirt, or pair of pants. So why not riding jackets? 

We have a wide range of all-rounder motorcycle jackets. Whether it be our leather jackets or textile jackets, it is not just a fashion statement, we use at least 1.2mm thick leather and scientifically designed fibers which help absorb impacts and take the brunt of scrapping. Having one of our motorcycle jackets for nightly joy-rides, another for high speeds, and another for colder weather will cover your bases and you will always feel prepared.

Which Jacket Should I Buy?

With the world’s knowledge and spread of material, there are plenty of different jackets to choose from. Most jackets are pretty sturdy so that’s not an issue but past that you are left with many more questions. Should you go for a heavy duty motorcycle jacket? Or rather a Hi-Viz motorcycle jackets? What are the pros and cons of each?

Hi-Viz Jacket:


  • The pros of a Hi-Viz motorcycle jacket include aspects such as being highly visible, we don’t often think about it but as riders we are safest when we can be seen.


  • It is not having the same level of protection as maybe a leather jacket would have due to thickness.
  • Hi-Viz sticks out, reflecting light back to other drivers.
  • It is not the coolest look. When we think of a rider it is that sexy, sleek look. Hi-Viz is not always that look.

Textile Jacket:


  • Textile motorcycle jackets are made of lightweight, breathable materials but have armor pads on the spine, shoulders and elbows, right where it counts.
  • They are typically more lightweight and often provide rain coverage


  • They aren’t as abrasion resistant as leather. With leather it will wear down slower, especially if you’re in a fall.

Four Season Jacket:


  • Four seasons motorcycle jackets will provide you with reliable protection from the elements and the road if you do go down.
  • They provide good coverage from rain and will protect you when you need.
  • It won’t leave you sweltering if you are riding in the summer like some leather jackets do.


  • Four season motorcycle jackets normally have multiple liners and you would need to use the right liner needed for the right season and riding condition and keep others stored.

Armored Jackets:


  • These provide the best protection and would be your second skin in case of a fall.


  • Like leather jackets they can leave you feeling hot on those scorching track days
  • These feel restrictive sometimes, due to armor.

Each of these jackets have different features to be applied for different scenarios. This leads us to another question though. Where do you find these jackets?

Where Can I Find My New Jacket?

In today’s world, shopping for motorcycle jackets online is easier than ever. There are many posts around that can explain the differences of each type and provide resources in order to score your perfect match. Connect with one of Jacket specialist via online chat or just call or text us at 410.585.5467.

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