How Other’s Expectations Affect Our Behavior


Because we are adults, we see ourselves as independent beings who make decisions for ourselves without influence from others. However, even though we are far from high school, the need to be liked by our immediate circle of friends still affects the way we act.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior doesn’t stop when we sit on our motorcycles. A reckless and dangerous attitude while riding a motorcycle can cause severe injury or even death. If you are looking to impress your peers who also act recklessly, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your social circle. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how coordinated your movements are when you’re with your motorcycle. If you act on peer pressure, you’re putting yourself and others at risk for extreme harm. Plus, you could damage your motorcycle and cause yourself to pay thousands of dollars in damages.

How to Get Others to Listen to You

Riding in a group should be fun, and you should make you feel comfortable and safe. But when you are part of a motorcyclist culture, it is hard to ignore others and their expectations for you. Especially if they are the head of your group. Strict expectations are a problem with many motorcycle clubs. The constant feeling of judgment and trying to one-up each other because of compensation leave members feeling drained.

How to Get Others to Raise You Higher in their Minds

If you want more authority in your motorcycle group, then you need to dress the part. Even though motorcycles groups and gangs are still part of the fringes of society, that doesn’t mean your group doesn’t judge each other on the way each person looks and dresses. One piece of clothing that will boost your motorcycling cred is the American eagle jackets men. Motorcycle clothing that has American symbols on them has been a staple in biking fashion since the ’50s.

If you look more like a motorcyclist, other people will deem your opinions more important than those who don’t look the part, even if the other people have better advice. It’s just the way human beings judge each other. Once you have a real say in your group, you can encourage them to stop their destructive behavior. But you must lead by example. No one respects a leader who says one thing and does another.

How Good Influences Can Change Your Behavior for the Better

Having a positive role model to learn proper defensive riding skills can be the difference between life and death. Also, avoiding people who promote and expect dangerous behavior from their friend group helps prevent unnecessary death and taking foolish risks. One way to avoid a dumb risk is to wear leather motorcycle pants.

The leather material prevents holes from forming on your pants because of chafing. Leather can also keep you from developing burn marks when you fall onto the asphalt of a street or freeway. Plus, leather pants are always in styles, and you’ll look like you’re right out of a TV show if you wear them while riding.

If you want to protect yourself and body from damage further, you can buy motorcycle protective jackets. This type of jacket can protect your body and skin in the event of a crash, or your motorcycle scrapes down the street. Jackets can also keep the wind from freezing you and protect your skin from sunburns.


Riding alone doesn’t mean your actions don’t affect others. The open road is the home of semi-trucks, railroads, trains, motorcycle gangs, cross-country travels, and livestock. So, you have to take care of what you do and who you are around. Especially at night, since some drivers can’t navigate well in the dark. Driving a motorcycle is a responsibility as well as freedom.

If, after reading this article, you realize that you have no protective clothing and would like to some, head over to We have dozens of articles of protective clothing that will keep you safer in case you’re in a crash.

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