How Purchasing Fake Gear Can Ruin Your Motorcycle Riding Experience?


How Fake Motorcycle Retainers Try To Trick You

Owning and maintaining high-quality gear is vital to all motorcycle riders. Without proper equipment, the injuries you receive in a crash will be worse. Fake gear is not up to the normal standards that motorcycles require to keep you safe during a collision, and are durable enough to last at least a year. At the same time, you ride and experience the elements of rain, frost, fog, and the sun beating down on you.

Wrong gear costs you both money and your safety. For example, when you ride your motorcycle, you need to wear reliable but flexible leather motorcycle gloves. If the gloves you buy are low quality, then the traction that the gloves have on the fingers will wear out faster than usual. The seams that attach the fingers to the hands will also rip faster because they were not crafted to handle the extra friction that comes with controlling the handlebars.


If you are interested in purchasing a mesh motorcycle jacket, then you should know that high-quality mesh is like a thick layer of foam that pads areas of your body that don’t need ventilation or to breathe. These parts include your back, neck, arms, and chest when the jacket is zipped up. Low-quality mesh jackets will use a fake mesh that is more like foam, which doesn’t provide as much protection as real mesh.

Armored Items

As you search for clothes and shoes that have armor on the inside, the armor must be removable and washable. Armor that cannot be removed from clothing items is low quality, as it will require you to replace the entire item when the armor develops a crack or a break. High-quality armored clothing is removable, so the armor piece inside the seams of the clothing item can be removed, or you can wash the clothing piece without causing excess strain on your washer or dryer.

You won’t have to replace the entire clothing piece. Gear that is low quality is made with fabric or leather that is doubled or extra lined in the areas that should have armor, so it gives the illusion that it is more protective than it is.


When you purchase a motorcycle jacket with armor, shop with online retailers that only make motorcycle clothing, so you can be sure the company you’re buying from has your safety in mind. If you’re not sure about the origins of an item of clothing you wish to buy, you can always rely on the manufacturer of your motorcycle to also make and sell motorcycle ready clothes. Or you can go to websites like or similar sites that only sell motorcycle gear.

Leather: Don’t Let Clothing Retailers Fool You

Many riders and non-riders think that just because a piece of clothing is leather, that it can be used to protect you while riding on a motorcycle. But regular leather clothes are not made for riding. They can rip or tear, as leather items are not padded the way they should be so they can be protective. If you buy men’s leather biker pants, make sure that there is removable armor in the seams of the pants, and the zippers are fastened securely.

Having the right protective clothing is an integral part of owning a motorcycle. You should start buying gear even before you purchase the motorcycle, so you can begin to be safe the moment you drive it off of the lot.

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