How to Beat the Sweltering Heat!


When summertime hits, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep yourself going on a fun adventure with only your motorcycle as your companion. Summertime was made for trips, outings, and spending long hours riding up and down the countryside. But along with your motorcycle, the sweltering summer heat is also with you all day long until the sunsets.

The summer heat is here, and because of the rising temperatures, you may not want to wear your leather motorcycle pants you received for Christmas. But without these pants, what are you going to wear? We suggest you purchase a pair of textile motorcycle pants. It will keep you cool as the material allows for airflow so that you won’t get sweaty.


One of the most useful things a rider can do to stay cool while you are riding on your motorcycle down the hot asphalt of the freeway is to purchase a motorcycle air conditioner. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a special device that you can attach to your motorcycle that will keep you cool. But this air conditioning machine does not only air condition your face. It works by connecting the air conditioning unit via a hose to a special airtight jacket that the rider wears. It is detachable and can be used on any motorcycle.


Another way you can stay cool is by travelling in the early morning or around dusk. It is best to avoid travelling anytime from noon to four as this is usually the hottest time of the day. Besides, if you travel during dawn, you’ll be able to see beautiful colors and amazing sunrises as the sky swirls like a pastel neon canvas.

But you should never skip on your protective clothing, no matter how hot the weather is. Your protective clothing will keep you safe in the event of a crash, and it will also prevent you from horrible sunburns that develop on our long rides.

If you have a leather motorcycle jacket along with your leather pants, you may want to buy a far cooler jacket. You don’t want to overheat while you’re writing for hours on the freeway. We suggest you purchase a men’s motorcycle vest. As long as you have sunscreen on your arms, you will not be harmed by the sun’s harsh rays. If wearing a vest isn’t your thing, then check out our entire section of motorcycle riding jackets. You’re bound to find clothing that fits both your budget and your style.


Our last tip is not a motorcycle-specific tip, but it is essential, nonetheless. Always wear sunscreen! No matter how much you don’t like the feeling of it on your arms and legs and face while you’re covered in a helmet and clothing, you’re going to suffer the next day if you don’t wear it. You’ll develop a horrible sunburn from your long motorcycle ride. Some sunburns are so bad they require medical attention. Don’t let this be you. If the feeling of sunscreen grosses you out, put it on an hour before you decide to ride your bike. You can also choose to use sunscreen sprays instead of lotion.

No matter where you go, we hope that you have a wonderful and exciting summer. Your motorcycle can take you all around this beautiful country. But no matter where you go, always wear protective clothing. Don’t let your travel budget eat into your motorcycle supply budget if you need to stock up or buy on items like protective armor, helmets, or glove, head over to to find a great variety of clothes that are at discount prices! Plus you can buy yourself a whole new summer outfit!

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