How To Buy Motorcycle Parts For Beginners?

How To Buy Motorcycle Parts For Beginners

Like any vehicle, maintaining the different parts of your motorcycle is key to ensuring that it lasts for more than a decade. New motorcyclists have a general idea about upkeep and maintenance because they learned about them from riding and driving cars. However, maintaining cars and motorcycles is not the same. Each vehicle has its own rules about its parts, like tires and engines, and different timelines on when to replace them.

If you are new to the wild world of motorcycles, or you are looking for a motorcycle to purchase, then keep on reading. Knowing when to replace certain parts when they wear down will keep your motorcycle road-ready for years to come!

Motorcycle parts and when to replace them

Here’s a list of the most common parts on a motorcycle that must be replaced often and when they should be replaced.

  • The chain and chainrings must be replaced after 3000 miles or whenever the meter on the chain checker displays 0.75%

  • Breaking cables must be replaced every year

  • Exhaust pipes must be replaced every two to four years depending on wear and tear

  • Any belt or chain that is developing nicks or threads must become a high priority and replace immediately

You must not forget about the parts that help in Fuel Management – More Horsepower.

Where to buy motorcycle parts from

Buying motorcycle parts on your own isn’t hard, but it is daunting for both new and veteran motorcycles since they don’t do it often. You could just let your mechanic order the parts for you, which many riders do. But learning what to order can allow you to customize your bike like never before. So here are the best places to buy motorcycle parts:

  • Motorcycle surplus stores
  • Motosport shops
  • Specialty motorcycle shops
  • Motorcycle conventions and gatherings
  • Online retailers(with good customers service and good reviews)
  • Motorcycle mechanic shops

All of these places are great for finding amazing parts with special details and higher-quality builds.

If you’re out on the road and you see a motorcycle detail or part that just captures our eye and it is part of someone else’s motorcycle build, wait until you both are in a safe spot and ask the person where they got their part. Many motorcycles enjoy talking about different specialty parts they either ordered or found from a specialty shop.

If you don’t have any special parts on your motorcycle to dazzle the other person with, tell them about your men’s leather biker pants or the brand new pack of biker vest patches you just bought. Just be sure to make conversation and exchange info on where you got your items. As you continue to talk to different motorcyclists, you will get a general sense of where they get their specialty parts.


Now that you understand when to replace important parts of your motorcycle before the parts break down completely and damage your motorcycles, it is time to remind you about replacing your worn-out gear. Purchasing both new motorcycle parts and new motorcycle gear can be expensive and we understand why many of our readers would rather buy the parts over the gear.

But well-made high-quality motorcycle gear is essential to motorcycle road safety. Unlike car and truck drivers, the clothing we wear is the only thing keeping us from becoming red stains on the grey concrete. So your leather motorcycle jacket should have strong reinforcements built into it, and the mens leather motorcycle pants that you wear on every ride have to be made from material that can resist shredding and tearing if you skid on the cement.

But purchasing new gear can be expensive and no one likes to spend money they did not count on. So that is why has so many sales alongside their everyday discounted prices. It should take your entire paycheck to own well-made gear. If you are interested in purchasing new gear, head on over to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to see the entire selection of gear that Wicked Stock has to offer! Don’t delay or you will be missing out!

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