How to “Look” Like a Pro – It’s All in the Eyes


The environment that you are riding in will dictate how far ahead you can see. You want to see as far ahead as possible so you can locate any hazardous obstructions ahead. Not perceiving a hazard until you are right upon it has been the demise of many a motorcycle rider.

Be alert, scanning aggressively ahead for hazards and dangers, you will perceive the threat much quicker and be able to avoid it. In reverse, you want the motoring public to see you, not tell the cop, “I looked, but I didn’t see the bike.” Over your Leather Motorcycle Jacket, wear a bright colored traffic vest, you know, international orange or lime green, be seen.

Speed & Visual Dexterity


Ride as fast as the distance down the road you can see will allow you to. You are flying down the road looking right, left, ahead, and checking your six, then you see something up ahead. It doesn’t look right, by the time your brain identifies the hazard, it is too late, bye, bye. You ought to know Is Riding a Motorcycle More Dangerous than Driving a Car?

And if you want to Look like a pro, wear your Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants, and those watching will have no doubt.

Eye the Turn


You see a turn coming up, and you use your vision to assess the turn’s radius, camber, and road quality. Now you have to determine the safest speed to traverse the turn. How fast should you be traveling when your bike enters the turn?

Fact: The number one cause of single motorcycle accidents is entering a turn too fast.

Solution: Brake earlier using the same or similar amount of pressure to the brake to reach the safest cornering speed.

Lesson Learned: If you travel faster than you are used to, you have to recognize the need to brake sooner, slowing to a safe speed, glide like an angel through the turn. That’s how you ride like a pro. Hop into a Leather Motorcycle Riding Suit and show the commuting world what a pro rider looks like.

Let Your Eyes Lead the Way

You look through the turn


Allow your eyes to take your vision through the turn, look where you want to go. Turning a corner look at the turn’s exit, this will help guide your bike on the right path through the turn. As you negotiate the turn, move your vision beyond the turn’s exit to see what is ahead of you outside the corner.

Are there any hazards? You can adjust in time to avoid them.

Is the roadway clear with no obstructions? If so, you can sail smoothly down the road and set your vision ahead for the next turn. Use reference points to help maintain the same line of approach to a turn every time you make that turn.

Look For a Solution, Not At the Problem

You see a hazard up ahead, and your eyes fixate on it. “Target Fixation” is a human response to something that is a hazard to our well being, loose gravel, or a large pothole.

We as humans tend to maneuver straight toward the hazard, and down we go, ouch. When you see that hazard look for a way around it, the solution, not stare at it, the problem.

Keep Looking

Use these visual techniques to hone in the cornering skills that will make you look like a pro every time you ride. Use your eyes to keep a vigilance ahead of your path, and your ride will be safer.

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