How to Prevent the Leather from Cracking

The Leather From Cracking

There is no fabric more luxurious, captivating, and rebellious than leather. In every part of the world, leather is a standout fabric that takes on a life of its own, depending on how each culture handles it. Leather has different grades, so consumers will know what grade of leather they are buying and if it is high or low quality.

Many motorcycle riders love to wear leather, and it shows. I would dare to say that leather is the most common fabric in the motorcycle gear world. Not only does leather make anyone look cool, the protection it provides its wearer will keep that person from scrapping their skin on the freeway asphalt. Broken bones are their danger, but motorcycle riders must stay in the hospital for weeks on end for scraping their flesh on the ground and exposing the open wounds to infection and bacteria.

But leather needs consistent maintenance and attention if the owner wants it to stay in tip-top shape. Anyone who owns a leather jacket needs to know how to take care of the leather and prevent it from cracking.

Leather Needs Care

It’s true. Leather requires care because it is not like other fabrics. It is from the hide or skin of a cow, bull, goat, horse, sheep, deer, or another animal. It is not woven fabric like cotton or polyester.

So now that we know all types of leather require upkeep, how do we keep our favorite leather motorcycle jacket or mens black leather gloves from cracking?


First of all, all leather clothing articles need to be in a humid environment. Since leather comes from animals, it has pores on its surface, and these pores allow moisture to escape or rejuvenate the leather. If the atmosphere around the leather is humid, then the leather will absorb the humidity in the air.

Leather Needs Humidity

If you have walked into a leather shop, you will have noticed that it was most likely humid in the shop, and there was a humidifier in the middle of the shop. This humidity is to prevent all of the leather in the shop from drying out and cracking. But the humidity cannot rise too high, or else mold will infect the leather products and render them unsellable. So if your mens leather motorcycle pants are too dry, expect them to crack when you bend over and squat on the ground!

So, keep your leather clothing in a humid place so it won’t dry out. You will want to keep the space between 40% and 50% humidity, and that depends on how hot or cold the weather is. But what if you don’t have a place in your house to humidify so the sake of your leather clothes? Then, you have to condition it. Using a leather conditioner on your leather gear will clean away any dirt and bacteria that will damage the jacket, and it will coat the leather material with.

But you can’t use any type of leather condition on any grade of leather. All leather grades require their type of conditioner. If the motorcycle riding gloves you are about to buy have instructions, follow them closely, and keep your item moisturized.

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