In Helmet Headphones Vs Regular Earbuds: Which Is Better For Road Trips?


Having the option to listen to music while on a long and fun road trip should not only be available to drivers of cars and trucks. Motorcyclists are known for embarking on week-long road trips more often than the average car or truck driver, so they should have a way to listen to music as well!

Finally, this option is available to anyone who rides a motorcycle. Most motorcyclists cannot choose between helmet headphones and earphones that are placed in the ear.

So here are a few things to consider when selecting the right audio device for your helmet. Do not forget to read our article on Motorcycle Riding and Your Hearing to decide which hearing aid is good for riding.

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Noise Cancellation

You would be surprised at how much the sound of the road and the motorcycle will drown out the music coming from the helmet speakers. The best kind of in-helmet headphones to own are the higher quality ones they will have improved annoys canceling technology built inside them.

Since earbuds are directly in your ear, you won’t hear nearly as much noise as you would if you owned helmet headphones. You may not even need to buy ones with noise-canceling technology But if you need to adjust them or they start to itch for some reason, you’ll have to pull over to the side of the road to make any adjustments.

Sound Quality

Because of the size of the speaker, in the helmet, the ear speakers always sound better than tiny earbuds. The sound quality is crisper and the deep or bass noises will be heavier and more pronounced.

The more expensive the earbuds, the better the sound quality. But headphones usually sound good at any price.

Sweat Proof

When you’re riding in the middle of the afternoon in hot Texas or Arizona sun, sweat will pour down the sides of your head.

In a helmet, headphones may or may not absorb that much sweat, depending on how far they are from your ears.

Since earbuds are inside of your ear canal, the sweat from your head can drip down into your ears and cause them to malfunction if they are not built to be sweat-proof by the manufacturer.


Laws Surrounding Listening To Music While On A Motorcycle

There are a few states that don’t tolerate any type of music device on a motorcyclist while riding. For example, California has made it illegal to wear helmet headphones and earbuds. You can’t even wear earbuds when there is no music playing. So be sure to know the laws of the state you live in as well as the laws of the state through passing through on your road trip. Not only will you get a ticket, but your earbuds or helmet headphones may also be confiscated.

Whether you choose helmet headphones or regular motorcycle earbuds, listening to your favorite road trip playlist will make your 6+ hour ride to your next destination more entertaining.

But we feel we should remind you to never play music so loud you cannot hear police or ambulance sirens. You can get into real trouble if you don’t move out of the way! Keep your music at a comfortable volume so you can hear car and truck horns as well. You don’t want your road trip ruined by an accident or ticket, do you?

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