June Is All About Motorcycles

June Is All About Motorcycles

June is finally here! I don’t know what that means! And you know what that means! Summertime and summer road trips are right around the corner. It is now time to take your motorcycle to the mechanic for a tune-up. You should also check out what your friends are doing and contact any people that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

All of your motorcycle riding friends are probably connecting with old friends as well. There is something about the summer that makes people want to travel. Maybe it’s for Freedom all of our youth that we are trying to recapture.

In addition to catching up with old friends and tuning up your bike, at what time of the year we’re all motorcyclists, we must learn important motorcycle safety practices. As you may know, June is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.


It seems like the perfect time of the year to go over motorcycle safety. There’s not much going for motorcycle enthusiasts in April and May, other than motorcycle shows and the end of June is already too late as people are already out on the road, hundreds of miles away from their homes. So June is the perfect time to remember what is so important for motorcyclists to take their safety seriously.

All of us in the motorcycle community need to take our safety seriously. There are a few Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits that cause danger to us. If a motorcyclist gets into an accident with a vehicle, they are 28 times more likely to die than if they were in a four-wheel vehicle. Even if they do not die, a motorcycle can be thrown from the vehicle Inland several feet away. The impact can rupture kidneys and spleens, break discs, kneecaps, and hip joints, or stop the rider from ever walking again.

Long ago, drunk drivers were the enemy of all vehicles on the road. However, distracted drivers are now more likely to cause an accident. Don’t get me wrong, drunk drivers are still the worst scumbags on the planet. But everybody has an excuse for their distracted driving.

My boss is texting me!

I have to see how my friend is doing because they are sick!

I don’t understand how the damn GPS works!

Many motorcyclists now have helmets that pair with their phones so they can listen to music or take phone calls. But fiddling around with their phone while they are on the road can be disastrous.


But driving on the road with others around you is far more important than answering a phone call or text.

The right habits and correct mindset when riding your motorcycle is a great way to practice motorcycle safety. But one key way to improve your safety is to wear high-quality and fortified motorcycle safety gear.

Even if you are the safest motorcycle rider in America, some idiot who is drinking a frappuccino while texting can so I’m into you while you’re looking ahead. When this happens, the gear that you wear should reduce the amount of damage and protect your skin. Every motorcycle rider needs a helmet, leather motorcycle pants, motorcycle leather gloves, and a motorcycle jacket with armor.

Forgetting any of these essential gear items is a costly mistake no motorcycle rider should make.

So where can you buy high-quality gear that will not set your June or July travel budget on fire? There is only one place site with both high-quality gear and low prices and that site is Wickedstock.com!

For the past decade, Wickedstock.com has been the #1 online motorcycle gear store for riders who need amazing deals. No matter your size, clothing style, or material, Wickedstock.com has the gear every rider needs to remain safe from the elements and the mistakes of other terrible drivers.

Head over to their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to see what all of the loyal customers up with his dog are wearing. You’ll be able to find clothes for the summertime, for the fall and the spring, and especially for a cold winter.

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