Learning Parts of a Motorcycle

Learning Parts of a Motorcycle

If you are interested in motorcycles but don’t know where to start, we’re here for you! Learning about the different parts of a motorcycle is important, but sometimes having to learn it from others is preferably avoidable, especially when it comes to the beginner’s knowledge – parts of the bike. Here is a simple overview of each part of a motorcycle and a summary of the role they within the motorcycle.

motorcycle parts

Hand Controls

The first part you should know is the clutch lever. It is usually located in the very front of the handgrip on the left side along the handlebar. You need to use your left hand to pull the clutch in towards the grip. The clutch lever is the control that separates the power from the motor itself to the rear wheel on the bike.

The next part is the throttle, which is built into the right-hand grip of the motorcycle. Place your right hand, which should have on motorcycle leather gloves, on the grip and twist it.  The more you twist the grip, the more fuel is delivered into the motor. Gripping and twisting the throttle produces a higher amount of power and higher RPMs inside the motor – and the sound could scare pedestrians as they walk by.

Foot Controls

The rear brake pedal is the brake pedal on the right side of the footpeg. To use it, press the ball of your foot down on the pedal. Doing this creates braking power directed towards the rear wheel. The more force you use, the stronger the braking power is going to be, so be careful! If you plan on speeding down the highway, be sure to wear your mens leather motorcycle jacket or your motorcycle rain gear.

After the rear brake pedal is the gear shifter. Many automatic motorcycles and scooters do not have this control, but some do. They are normally located on the front left-hand side of the footpad on a motorcycle. A rider can control the rear brake wheel press their foot down or up to make the gear shift. Keep in mind, the gear shifter only works by going through each gear. No skipping can occur, and you have to let the lever reset itself into the middle position before you can try changing gears again.

Controls – Electronic

Signal lights controls are normally found above the handgrip on the left-hand side. This area is very easy for motorcyclists to reach. To the signal on, move the control to the left or to the right to indicate which way you want to go. Now there is no need to swing your arms when a simple button can indicate where you are about to turn to the people behind you.

Hazard lights – These lights are normally a triangular symbol, but not all motorcycles have them. They have been incorporated into the newer, larger motorcycles, but if you own an older or a smaller motorcycle they won’t be there.

Headlight – To show other vehicles on the street that you are approaching, you can use the headlights control which is normally found on the left control module. There will be a toggle that switches between the low and high beams. The low beam allows for a regular amount of light, and the high beams are for isolated dark roads where you need to be able to see further. Your brake light will be on the rear of the motorcycle, and should automatically light up when you apply the brake controls.

You should also have an emergency kill switch. This switch is a toggle switch that stops or starts the flow of electricity to the engine. However, it will not turn off any other electronics on the bike. It is normally found on the right electronic control module, which is directly beside the handgrip. It has the indicators for off or on or certain symbols.

motorcycle engine

There you have it! Some of the most important and common components on a motorcycle. Be sure to take your time to study these motorcycle parts and understand where everything is. But it is good to know what goes where before you take that beauty out for a spin. Additionally, if you are living or decided to visit developing countries, apart from learning about the motorcycle parts, one should learn the Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in a Developing Country.

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