Lessons You Can Learn From Owning an Exotic Motorcycle


You want to get an exotic motorcycle, not the usual Japanese sportbike. Here are some things to consider that could become hard lessons learned.


The Does the dealership perform warranty work on this exotic?


You go to a local dealership to look over the exotic bikes in stock and there it is just the right bike for you, so you think. You see the MSRP is within your budget and you ask for a test ride, fine, but only around the dealership’s lot. You came prepared to take the test ride on the street and wore your Men Motorcycle Leather Jacket and Men Leather Motorcycle Pants with full armor.

The salesman starts it up for you and the engine runs really smooth, you don your helmet, ask the gear configuration. You hop on and take a couple of laps around the lot, the bike handles well, you are satisfied. You start negotiating the price, the salesman usually takes your offers to his sales manager three or four times.

Finally, the salesman returns with an acceptance of your offer. Not exactly what you wanted but it is close enough to what you were looking for, you accept. You get hustled to the finance officer’s office and he starts going over the details of the purchase contract. He wants you to purchase an extended warranty for an extra year over the manufacturers already two-year warranty.

You decline the extended warranty, telling the finance officer the manufacturer’s two-year warranty will do. The FO says fine, you sign the paperwork, hand them your down payment, sign the remaining paperwork, the bike is now yours. The salesman hands you the keys and you take your new exotic ride home.

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What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Does the dealership still sell this exotic bike?


You have been enjoying your new exotic ride for a couple of months now and there are some issues developing. On long rides, the bike is faltering, not running smoothly and sometimes even shuts down. You haven’t ridden the bike that hard so you suspect factory flaws are beginning to arise. You call the dealership’s service department, explain the problem, ask when you can schedule a warranty diagnostic and service to solve the problem.

The service department manager tells you the dealership does not do warranty work on the make of the bike you bought from them. On top of that, he says the dealership no longer sells that make of exotic motorcycle. As we all know dealerships can be in business one day and be gone the next.

First lesson: You may not have done enough research to find out the relationship between the manufacturer and the dealership.

Do your homework when choosing a dealership.

Second Lesson: You did not inquire with the dealership if they actually did warranty work should the need arise.

Investigate whether or not the dealership is in solid with the manufacturer they represent and that they perform warranty work.

Seek Help from Other Exotic Bike Owners

You better have all your bases covered this exotic sells for $120,000.


Search the web, find out if there are any support groups or blogs that write about the model of exotic bike you are getting. You can learn from these other bike owners the problems they had and how they resolved them. With the social media networks, blogs, and community chat rooms on the internet finding others with the same problem as yours is easy.

Lesson Three: Having a support network with others who have the same exotic bike as you, finding fixes for warranty issues can be easy.

Instead of your bike being in a shop for a week or so over warranty issues the problem is fixed quickly and you can ride on. Wicked Stock is the place to go to find deals on motorcycle gear to go along with the new exotic bike.

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