Lies We Tell About Motorcycling


Look at the Gas We’ll Save

Your mother ever tell you that lying was wrong? If she did, she was right, lying is wrong. Well, you are an adult now, and you want to get a motorcycle. So you tell your wife a little white lie to convince her you need a motorcycle, that’s ok no harm done.

Your wife said, “No motorcycle until the car’s paid for.”

“But, honey, think of the gas money we’ll save if I am riding a bike to work instead of driving the car.”

Notice how you used “we” to get her involved in your motorcycle scheme? Nice try, but getting a motorcycle is not going to save tons of money.

First, you have the cost of the motorcycle; you want a big bike, then there is insurance, what about gear and accessories? If you take the motorcycle leap, one of the first accessories you should purchase is Men Motorcycle Leather Racing Jackets.

You tell her that the smaller bikes are more dangerous, you will need to get a big touring bike. Say an Indian Roadmaster, 116 cubic inches, Matelic Red selling for $29,991 @ .0699% for 48 months you pay $642 per/month.


How about a BMW R 1250 RS Blue, selling for $19,740 @ .0699% for 48 months you pay $412 per/month.


Well, you will save on gasoline pal, but you now have another car payment, don’t forget insurance, full coverage, new bike.

It doesn’t look like the lie “look at the gas savings” was very well thought out, was it?

I Laid the Bike Over To Avoid an Accident

Here is another good lie we tell others about our motorcycle exploits, “I Laid the bike down to avoid an accident.” Get this, the police call laying a motorcycle down, a one-vehicle rollover.

You did not avoid an accident; you were an accident. So, this is you avoiding an accident, nice try, how’s your butt?


We lie to whom, our friends or our families, or ourselves? If you do lay your motorcycle down, you will be glad you chose to wear your Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets.

Don’t Worry Honey; I’m Safer on the Street than the Interstate

Talk about famous last words; city streets are more dangerous for motorcycles than the controlled access of an Interstate highway. City streets intersect at right angles vehicle traffic is constantly crisscrossing, does every driver slow down and look before entering the intersection?

No, they do not, and the accident that occurs is called a broadside or a “T-bone” accident. You got hit by the front end of a car on your right or left side, or you hit the side of the vehicle at around 35 or 40 mph, how safe is that?

This could be you; it doesn’t matter who is at fault, you lose.


Riding on a controlled-access highway such as an interstate, where all vehicles are going in the same direction at the same speed, much safer. There are no intersecting cross streets, no right-angle collisions, you do not become someone’s hood ornament. If you do go cruising on the interstate, just “Do Not Be Invisible” and yes don’t forget to fashion up with your Leather Motorcycle Jackets.


Your mom was right; it is not good to lie. When you decide to get a motorcycle, man-up tell the truth, get the facts, take a motorcycle training course.

After all, honesty is the best policy.

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